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Event: third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series.
Date: October 3-6, 2002
Place: Oceanside, CA.
On Friday in Vert, Dave Mirra (Greenville, NC) took first followed by Kevin Robinson (East Providence, RI) and John Parker (Gilbert, AZ) placing second and third, respectively. Dave Mirra killed the vert comp. All the riders rode well but Mirra killed it for a well-deserved first place. 61 people entered, 9 made it to the finals. VERT RESULTS 1-Dave Mirra $7,500 2-Kevin Robinson $4,500 3-John Parker $3,000 4-Koji Kraft $2,000 5-Jay Eggleston $1,500 6-Jeremy Fanberg $1,200 7-Chad Kagy $900 8-Josh Harrington $750 9-Zach Shaw $650 10-Danny Williams $550 11-Mike Mancuso$450 12-Dennis McCoy $400 13-Jay Miron $200 14-Bob Kohl $200 15-Thad Miller $200 16-Rick Thorne $200 17-Danny Parks $200 18-Joe Prisel
The dirt final started the day with 12 riders taking 3 runs. Chris Doyle jumped consistently to take 3rd and $3,000. Cory Bohan was solid all weekend and was super close to taking the win but missed by .5, still taking 2nd place and $4,500. For the third event event, Ryan Nyquist took the win and $7,500 with solid tricks including a lookback 720 in his final run, the run that got thrown out!

With his first place finish in Dirt, Nyquist is crowned the 2002 Vans Triple Crown of BMX Champion and pocketing more than $20,000 and a Ford Ranger FX4 in the process.
DIRT RESULTS 1.Ryan Nyquist $7,500 2.Corey Bohan $4,500 3.Chris Doyle $3,000 4.Mike Aitken 5.Cory Nastazio 6.Colin Mackay 7.Adam Baker 8.Scott Wirch 9.Stephen Murray 10.Todd Walkowiak 11.Ryan Jordan $450 12.Brian Foster $400 13.Jerry Bagley $200 14.Darin Read $200 15.Mike Parenti $200 16.Darren Berrecloth $200 17.James Foster $200 18.Reuel Erickson $200 19.Paul Kintner $200 20.Andre Ellison $200 21.Mike Szczesny 22.Brandon Pundai 23.Miguel Hinojosa 24.Adam Munoz 25.Alex Dropsy 26.K C Badger 27.Joel Hulsey 28.Shawn Butler 29.Ryan Barrett 30.Josh Hult 31.Kye Forte 32.William Bissell 33.Freddy Chulo 34.Jason George 35.Shaun Taylor 36.Tim Thompson 37.Jeff Sonatra 38.Chris Pupo 39.Marvin Loetterle 40.Romuald Noirot 41.Todd Lyons 42.Bryan Close 43.Dan Lan 44.Matt Beringer 45.Chris Miracle 46.Michael Castillo 47.Tom Alward Prescott 48.Cory Walters 49.Anthony Teeple 50.T J Lavin 51.Jeshua Constantine 52.Jay Miron 53.Greg Litecky 54.Adam Aloise 55.Eric Lawson 56.Gordie Toth 57.Nicolas Bertier 58.Larry Alvarado 59.Mike Hines 60.Jesse Reyes
The riders seemed to like the layout of the street course with a lot of interesting obstacles. Big walls, hips, ledges, quarter pipes, pyramids, spines, even a bridge. Chad Kagy stomped the field in his first of two runs scoring a 95.33 beating out second place finisher Tom Haugen (Minneapolis, MN) who notched a 92.67. Chad crushed the competition, all 66 of em, in the Street Comp. Chad used the whole course and rode solid. In one run Chad pulled a Tailwhip Backflip AND a Double Backflip. One of the other finalists said of Kagy's run "That's the best run I have ever seen."
San Diego native, Gary Young, placed third in the street comp, his highest finish in a major BMX competition.
STREET RESULTS 1 Chad Kagy $7,500 2 Tom Haugen $4,500 3 Gary Young $3,000 4 Ryan Nyquist $2,000 5 Colin Mackay $1,500 6 Mike Aitken $1,200 7 Colin Winkelmann $900 8 Brian Foster $750 9 Mike Parenti $650 10 Chris Doyle $550 11 Sebastian Keep $450 12 Mike Ardelean $400 13 Scott Foster $200 14 Scott Wirch $200 15 Rob Darden $200 16 Chase Hawk $200 17 Dennis McCoy $200 18 Markus Wilke $200 19 Kevin Porter $200 20 Dave Osato $200 21 Ryan Jordan 22 Koji Kraft 23 Mike Andrews 24 Matt Beringer 25 Kye Forte 26 Josh Harrington 27 Joe Riley 28 Ben Snowden 29 John Heaton 30 Adam Aloise 31 Ryan Sher Boston 32 Axel Jurgens 33 Shawn Walters 34 Bobby Roberts 35 Brennen Britton 36 Josh Hult 37 Dave Freimuth 38 Justin Inman 39 Jon Reed 40 Chris Myers 41 Joe Prisel 42 Ben Brassfield 43 Jon Hernandez 44 Donald Pivec 45 Mike Szczesny 46 Jack Johnson 47 Ryan Barrett 48 Aaron Bostrom 49 Tim Thompson 50 Matt Puorro 51 Tyrone Williams 52 Brandon Turner 53 Ryan Mills 54 Rich Hirsch 55 Jacob Nash 56 Rex Rajewski 57 Wilbur Galloway 58 Josh Martin 59 Pat Schreader 60 Josh Carroll 61 Ryan Fowler 62 Dave Cabrera 63 Darren Berrecloth 64 Kurt Yaeger 65 Brian Kachinsky 66 Jeff Sonatra
BOWL RESULTS 1.Dave Mirra 2.Dennis McCoy 3.Koji Kraft 4.Chad Kagy 5.Jay Eggleston 6.Jim Burgess 7.Rick Thorne 8.Ben Snowden 9.Matt Berringer 10.Kurt Yeager