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Event: Right Guard BMX Championships Vans Triple Crown Stop #1
Date: May 14-16, 2004
Place: Salt Lake City, Utah.
Salt Lake City was an awesome venue for the first stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX. The stands were packed all weekend to watch all the action. Weather was great and the riding was crazy.
Fuzzy and his crew built the best dirt jumps ever. This was the first major BMX contest in the U.S. this season, and many of the boys who've been working on their tricks over the winter let their new skills fly. Scotty Cranmer had flip whips and 720's down, Stephen Murray was nailing turn-down 360 backflips, and Ryan Nyquist, well he just got better. This was Nyquist's 10th consecutive Vans Triple Crown Dirt Jumping title. He's won every VTC Dirt comp in the last three years. Cory Nastazio was not present, but his look-alike, Lance Mosely, stepped in and did a double backflip to take Dirt Best Trick. Nyquist and Stephen Murray were nailing backflip combo tricks in the Dirt event, helping them to first and third respectively. Chris Doyle didn't do any backflips, but he cleaned consistently hard tricks over every jump to nab second place. DIRT RESULTS 1 Ryan Nyquist 2 Chris Doyle 3 Stephen Murray 4 Mike Aitken 5 Joey Marks 6 Allan Cooke 7 Cameron White 8 Scott Wirch 9 Paul Kintner 10 Steven McCann 11 Corey Bohan 12 Ryan Guettler 13 Ryan Jordan 14 Brian Foster 15 Fuzzy Hall 16 Dave Dillewaard 17 James Foster 18 Colin Mackay 19 Tim Thompson 20 Lance Mosley 21 Josh Hult 22 Kyle O'Hara 23 Thomas Hancock 24 Reuel Erickson 25 Dan P'simer 26 Kevin Porter 27 Mike Saavedra 28 Ricardo Laguna 29 Loren La Verne 30 Lucas Porzio 31 Adam Aloise 32 Jesten Thompson 33 T J Stultz 34 Cesar Flores 35 Tony Campos 36 Erik Ream 37 Matt Beringer 38 Darin Reed 39 Chris Pearce 40 Ryan Yoda 41 Heath Pinter

Dirt Best Trick
1. Lance Mosely - Double backflip $1,000
2. Dave Dillewaard - 360 tailwhip to late barspin $300
3. Ryan Nyquist - 720 x-up $200
The Street final was phenomenal to watch, mainly because of the convergence of styles. From Morgan Wade's balls-out, huge-air style to the way Tom Haugen dissected the course with finesses and control, the riders showed us something new every time they hit the course.
Morgan Wade
Photo: George Crossland

STREET RESULTS 1 Ryan Nyquist 2 Steven McCann 3 Tom Haugen 4 Gary Young 5 Chris Doyle 6 Scott Cranmer 7 Morgan Wade 8 Allan Cooke 9 Dave Dillewaard 10 Alistair Whitton 12 Danny Hickerson 13 Josh Harrington 14 Austin Coleman 15 Ryan Guettler 16 Brian Foster 17 Chase Hawk 18 Scott Foster 19 Scott Wirch 20 Ben Snowden 21 Dan Sieg 22 Quinn Semling 23 Ryan Jordan 24 Mike Aitken 25 Dennis McCoy 26 Joe West 27 Paul Kintner 28 Justin Inman 29 Jeremy Fanberg 30 William Thompson 31 Chase DeHart 32 Michael Cleveland 33 Lucas Porzio 34 Colin Winkelmann 35 Darin Reed Tacoma 36 Jack Johnson 37 Robert Wise 38 Chris Westlund 39 Matt Beringer 40 Tony Campos 41 Erik Ream 42 Ron Kimler 43 Chris Pearce 44 Mike Saavedra 45 James Foster 46 Tim Thompson 47 Adam Aloise 48 Colin Mackay 49 Ryan Sher 50 Shawn Walters 51 Cameron Wood 52 David Thompson 53 Mark Rainha 54 Josh Laurio 55 Mike Stanger 56 Rex Burmood Orem 57 Loren La Verne 58 K C Badger 59 Kevin Porter 60 Bryan Close 61 Thomas Hancock 62 Nic Smith 63 David Moore 64 John Saulnier