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Event: Right Guard BMX Championships Vans Triple Crown Stop #3
Date: September 26, 2004
Place: Huntington Beach,CA.
This was the fist Vans Triple Crown ever that Ryan Nyquist did not win dirt. He crashed on two of his runs and finished down in 11th. It's kind of ironic that here and the only other dirt contest that he's not won this year, Ryan Guettler has won.
After the dirt contest, they had a weird "synchronized dirt jump contest" thing. Three guys would all hit the jumps and they'd either do tricks side-by-side, or right behind each other. It made for some pretty good pics. That's what today's photo is of. It's Robbie Miranda flipping and if you look real close, you can see Lance Mosley right next to him. The crew of Lavin, Foster, & Bohan won that event.

This was supposedly the last Vans Triple Crown BMX contest. Rumor has it that Vans isn't doing some or all of their other contests (FMX, skate, wakeboard, snowboard, etc) next year as well.

Luke Parslow hucked a double flip on his last run on dirt and almost pulled it. If he had hung on, it would have been close.

Five out of the top nine in the dirt contest were from Australia.

With his second place finish in Dirt, Nyquist is crowned the 2004 Vans Triple Crown of BMX overall champion and throughout the entire series this season, has pocketed more than $35,000 and a Ford Ranger FX4.
DIRT RESULTS 1 Ryan Guettler $7500 2 Luke Parslow $4500 3 T J Lavin $3000 4 Chris Doyle $2000 5 Corey Bohan $1500 6 Mike Aitken $1200 7 Cameron White $900 8 Paul Kintner $750 9 Colin Mackay $65010 Brian Foster $550 11 Ryan Nyquist $450 12 Steven McCann $400 13 Todd Walkowiak $300 14 Ricardo Laguna $300 15 Adam Baker $300 16 Dave Dillewaard $200 17 K C Badger $200 18 Heath Pinter $100 19 Michael Cleveland $100 20 Ryan Sher $100 21 Joey Marks 22 Michael Clark 23 Francisco Zurita 24 James Foster 25 Robbie Miranda 26 Lucas Porzio 27 Mauricio Ospina 28 Reuel Erickson 29 Cory "Midget" 30 Austin Coleman 31 Shawn Butler 32 Ryan Jordan 33 Joel Holsey 34 Cory Nastazio 35 Alex Dropsy 36 Ben Snowden 37 Rob Darden 38 Scott Wirch 39 Dennis Martin 40 Tony Campos 41 Kyle O'Hara 42 Fernando Sabat 43 Cesar Flores 44 Sean Logan 45 Mark Atkins Bellflower 46 Thomas Hancock 47 Brian Golembiewski Pittsburgh PA USA 0 48 Lance Mosley Nashville TN USA Vans, Dan Comp, Go Fast Energy Drink 0 49 Freddy Chulo Whittier CA USA Vans, Stars and Straps, Transportation 0 50 Josh Hult Idaho Falls ID USA Staats, Atomic 0 51 Jack Craven Long Beach CA USA BYK 0 52 Ronny Chalk Corona CA USA DC, Spy, Premium, Ogio 0 53 Rick Farasy 54 Lou Uba
STREET RESULTS 1.Scott Cranmer $7500 2.Ryan Nyquist $4500 3.Steven McCann $3000 4.Ryan Guettler $2000 5.Danny Hickerson $1500 6.Tom Haugen $1200 7.Daniel Dhers $900 8.Rob Darden $750 9.Allan Cooke $65010.Alistair Whitton $550 11.Morgan Wade Tyler Tx USA Mutiny Bikes, Riff Raff bmx, Snafu, Axis 83 86 86.00 $450 12 Mike Escamilla Whittier CA USA Etnies, Hurley, Nixon, Demolition, Clive, King Bikes, The Samurai 84.3 73.3 84.33 $400 13 Josh Harrington Greenville NC USA Premium, Split, Adidas, Kicker, Bull Bar 84 74 84.00 $300 14 Austin Coleman Los Angeles CA USA Giant Bicycles, WD-40, Split Clothing, Odyssey 77 83.6 83.67 $300 15 Brian Foster South Plainfield NJ USA Fit bikes 82.3 79.6 82.33 $300 16 Mike Parenti San Diego CA USA Giant, No Fear, Osiris, Spy, Bell, WD-40 $200 17 Scott Foster Buena Park CA USA Unscene Clothing, Odyssey BMX $200 18 Colin Mackay Brisbane AUS Split $100 19 Michael Cleveland Temecula CA USA Haro, Unscene, Real Ride Skatepark $100 20 Dave Dillewaard Brisbane QLD AUS GT, Hyundai, Vans, Famous Stars and Straps $100 21 Ronnie Surridge London ENG Vans, Profile 22 Scott Wirch McHenry IL USA Haro, Knucklebone, Ogio 23 Chris Doyle Pittsburgh PA USA DK Right Guard Xtreme Sport, DC, Pro-Tec, Square One 24 Ryan Fowler Santa Cruz CA USA Brickhouse 25 Josh Hult Staats, Atomic 26.Dennis McCoy Vans, Brigade, Skatelite 27.Ben Snowden Hornell NY USA Atomic X, Vision, Bolle, Alpine Stars 28 Senad Grosic Unterrtullnerbach Vienna AST Red Bull, Vans, Oakley, Eastpak, Haro 29 Jake Honesto Morgan Hill CA USA Specialized, Fox 30 Mike Aitken Salt Lake City UT USA Fit Bike Co., Square One, Vans, Pro Tec, Odyssey, 50/50 Rideshop 31 George Ramirez Ontario CA USA Fit Bike Co, Coalition 32 Ryan Mills Boulder City NV USA Premium, Lotek 33 Bryon Striker Sheffield Village OH USA Profile Racing, Dans Competition 34 Chase DeHart Thorofare NJ USA Dead Memory, Fit Bike Co., Primo 35 Lucas Porzio Las Vegas NV USA Vans, Profile, 661 36 Robert Krumm La Habra CA USA Fit 37 James Foster Redlands CA USA 38 Chad Bautista Petaluma CA USA 39 Chase Hawk Austin TX USA Fit, Blacken, Empire, Vans 40 Ben Kellgren Petaluma CA USA 41 K C Badger Pheonix AZ USA Kink, F Town, Etnies, Odyssey, GordysBicycles.com 42 Clint Boisdeau Culver City CA USA Ninestar, SPA USA 43 Anthony Canevari Cypress CA USA Fit, MCC 44 Joe Riley Murrieta CA USA Premium Products, No Fear, Vans 45 Quinn Semling Franklin WI USA DK, Etnies 46 Matt Martin Petaluma CA USA 47 Adam Banton Mansasses VA USA Odyssey, Duffs, Dragonfly, Fender 48 Koji Kraft Chicago IL USA Oakley, YooHoo, DVS, Bell, Tree Bikes, Kojikraft.com 49 Tony Campos San Francisco CA USA SFBMX.com, Unscene, AC/DShe 50 Dakota Roche Huntington Beach CA USA MCC, Fit 51 Ryan Jordan Boston MA USA Fly, Duffs, Square One, Demolition, Vigor 52 Jack Johnson Las Vegas NV USA 53 Jay Schlie Faribault MN USA To Die For, Alt Bike and Board 54 Ryan Sher Phoenix AZ USA Kink, Shadow, F-Town, Vans, Vigor 55 Nate Morochan Taylor MI USA Fit 56 Richard Krumm La Habra CA USA Fit, MCC 57 Alfredo Mancuso Los Angeles CA USA Axxis Bikes 58 Mike Grosse San Diego CA USA Dirt Brothers Industry, Odyssey, Unscene Clothing 59 Andrew Gordon Fallbrook CA USA Village Sports 60 Casey Duren Westminster CA USA 61 Aaron Raby Bellflower CA USA 62 Robbie Morales Seacliff NY USA Fit, Vans, Zoo York, Dans Comp 63 Kyle Morgan Escondido CA USA 64 Eric Schneider Carlsbad CA USA 65 Ryan Ashley