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Sources: Bicross and Skate magazine #71, Fat #5, BMX Plus! november 1988, Mark Noble, www.cmbmx.co.uk, ...
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Place: Manchester university
Date: july 15-17, 1988
Organisation: IBFF

Mark Noble, july 2003: The Tizer Worlds... plenty of good but vague memories. Luckily I have a magazine to look back on so I don't have to rely on my memory alone... it was a good time. Dennis McCoy blasting, Carlo Griggs going seriously high on dodgy quarterpipes, a ton of foreign riders, strange places to stay. An odd contest for sure, but good riding for the time. I remember sitting with John Yull having a coke, waiting for the results to come out, getting anxious as hell. Then the results were added up, and I won. 17+ Flatland. I have the trophy downstairs here at 4130, in the Warehouse.

BMX Plus!: Last year, Tizer, a British soft-drink firm, sponsored an event in England called the Tizer World Championships of Freestyle. Well, this year the folks at Tizer backed the event again and two Americans came over to steal the show. While most American freestyle teams were on tour, Dennis McCoy, Rick Allison and Joe Johnson were free to travel to England and compete in the contest with top riders from six countries. The top five riders in each age class (the same age classes used by our own AFA) from Great Britain, France, West Germany, Switzerland, Holland and the U.S.A. were eligible to compete in the contest for the World Champion titles. Just under 100 showed up in England to compete in the contest.
Dans la catégorie 15 ans et plus, Jason Webb rentre 3 whiplash, 6 boomerang sans toucher le cadre, backward decade into locomotive.

Dennis McCoy, who was leading both the Pro Ramp and Pro Flatland divisions of the AFA and ABA in the United States, proved that he is more than just a hot American rider by winning the Pro Flatland and Overall Pro world titles, along with a record $4500 in prize money. He did 4 whiplash, G-turn into double whiplash fakie into pinky squeaks into locomotive, hang 5 into whiplash into hang 5.

17 and over flat: 1-Mark Noble 2-John Yull 3.Frank Henkes

Master flat: 1-Garry Neale 2-Larry Bull 3-Cyril Sabathe 4-Regis Gaudrot 5-Jason Davies

Pro flat: 1-Dennis McCoy 2-Rick Allison 3-Gary Forsyth

Rick Alison. www.cmbmx.co.uk
Brian Henderson did some mini-air in the 10 and under ramps class.

England's 16-year-old Carlo Griggs blew minds in the amateur ramp competition with airs of over 13 feet, according to observers. Other nations' top riders included Sebastian Prebiski from France, who won the 13 & Under titles in the Flatand, Ramp and Overall divisions; and 17-year-old Hobburt Sell from West Germany, who placed third in his age group's ramp category.

Joe Johnson manual, tailwhip, barspin air.
Dennis McCoy lourde chute en fakie turndown.
England's Mike Canning blasted major airs at the Tizer contest. Canning is the British Pro Ramp and Overall champ. 540.

Master ramps results: 1.Greg Guilliotte 2.Jason Ellis 3.Cyril Sabathe 4.Chris Potts

Pro ramps results: 1.Joe Johnson 2.Dennis McCoy 3.Mike Canning
carlo griggs
Carlo Griggs

carlo griggs
Carlo Griggs

greg guilliotte
Greg Guilliotte.

Dennis McCoy. www.cmbmx.co.uk
BMX Plus!: Although the running of the contest was reportedly a little rough at times, the Tizer World Championships was significant in that it really did bring together top riders from the world's top freestyle countries to compete with one another in an atmosphere of friendly competition and international good will.