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Available in 2001

Action Man peut affronter le gang des 'riders' du Dr X car il dispose de ce superbe bicross équipé d'un lance-missiles à tir réel et amovible. De nombreux accessoires lui permettent de rouler en toute sécurité: casque de protection, short, gilet renforcé, coudières et genouillères et des chaussures à semelle crantée qui s'adaptent au cadre du vélo. Une large béquille assure la stabilité du bicross de notre héros .
action man
BMX Action board game
It is from 1981. It says on the box that you can keep score using total points or the transfer system (depends on whether you're playing by ABA, NBL, or the old NBA rules). The Moto Cards says things like "GOT RADICAL - ADVANCE 8" and other phrases like that. You'll recognize the graphics of the riders were taken from some Mongoose rider pics in BMX Action magazine. The game includes the board, complete box, 2 dice, a stack of Moto Cards, 6 player pieces, and instructions. board
BMX Kwartet
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2006: We like original stuff. It's hard to come up with that from time to time. The people at Allride found something new: BMX Kwartet. Don't even know the English word for it or if they even play it in the USA but it's something like this: You get some cards and try to collect 4 of the same cards (Kwartet) by asking other players if they have a certain card. Info on each card helps with the questions. The good thing here is that the cards are all BMX companies. Most of them distributed by Allride in Germany. It has 4 FIT Bike Co riders for instance, 4 riders from Primo, four T1 riders, four Failures, 4 Tree Bike riders etc. Mix them all up and try to get the teams together. Instead of playing with animals, you are playing with BMX riders. Cool idea. Hit up Thomas Stellwag for your game. bmx kwartet
Brad Bates, Memphis, Tennessee, Go march 1990: GO, I have this great idea that would be so much fun. My idea is to have a miniature half-pipe about a foot tall and a foot wide with six inch platforms on top.Then you get some toy miniature riders on bikes that could be controlled, by remote control, to do tricks like no-handers, 540s, etc. I hope you'll take my idea into consideration.
Lew: Dude, what are you talking about ?
Flick Tricks finger bikes.
Country: USA
Source: www.spinmaster.com
Flipper Bally BMX
BMX /No. 335/ Bally Manufacturing Corporation, November 1982, 4 players
Model number:  1276  Production run:  406  Theme:  Sports - Bicycling   Design:   Ward Pemberton Art: Greg Freres  Photos:  AT(127), LSB(87) Images:  Backglass,  Playfield.
Honda Rev 'n Roar
Available in 2003 for only $24.95.

Now your kid can feel just like the pros with the new Honda Rev 'n Roar.

This toy is an authentic 1:6 Scale CR250 Honda Racing Engine. You press the throttle button and it sounds just like you are starting a real Honda CR250 before the race - just like the pros at Team Honda.

The universal installation kit makes it fit your kid's bike - so your kid's bike will look and feel like a real motorcycle.
BIKER DONATELLO, The Extreme BMX Riding Turtle!
Donattelo is a techno-geek and ninja-nerd with the super ability to turn a pile of scrap and bits of junk into a totally tricked out BMX racing bike. Nobody knows how Donatello learned all he knows about electronics, computers, mechanics, propulsion systems and gourmet cooking. Or how he can put together vehicles, weapons, electronic gizmos or Cajun pizza. He just does! He's the brainiest Turtle of the bunch. Don is a natural inventor, engineer and mechanic. He lives by the motto, "One man's trash is a Ninja Turtles' BMX Bike!"

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Board game made by Waddingtons in 1985. board
Source: www.schleich-s.de schtroumpf
Country: USA
Available: Spring/Summer 2001 in the US;
X-mas 2001 in France (450 francs - Auchan).
Source: www.taiyoedge.com

BMX Bike:
Ultra-realistic BMX bike, Two motors for more speed (1 gyro, 1 drive), Really pedals, Freestyle Stunt Pegs front and rear, Spoked wheels, Shock-absorbing front fork.

Freestyle Rider:
12-inch fully articulated Freestyle Rider, Really pedals, Cool poses, Built to hold on, Removable helmet, Cool real clothes, Baggy cargo pants, Rad ridin' shoes.
SUPER VELO BMX. Vitesse et Acrobaties.
Insère la corde dans la boîte de vitesse et tire.
La moto s'élance tout droit et à toute vitesse.
Peut aussi rouler sur une roue.
2 courroies de rechange incluses.
super vélo
Country: USA.
Available: 2003.

www.turbospoke.com: Make an ordinary bike sound like a souped-up monster with the award-winning, pedal powered Turbo Spoke! The Turbo Spoke adds the sound of an exhaust to a conventional single-track bicycle, yet it doesn't need batteries. It includes a bold chrome-look 'exhaust' that adds the sounds of a motor, which attaches to your wheel spoke with an easy-to-fit clamp. And all you have to do to get these authentic sounds is pedal! Already an industry hit, the Turbo Spoke is the Winner of the Single-track Award for innovation at Cycles 2003!
Virtual Reality 3D BMX
From the Manufacturer: It's the new millennium and the future of interactive games has arrived! VR 3D Games, the virtual-reality, three-dimensional electronic games enable you to not just play the game but live the game! Features include patented Color FX screen in true, 3-D Color, multi-level play and game select modes, real-time motion sensor action, incredible sound effects, volume control and automatic scoring and time keeping.

Rhonda P. Klokow from Kennesaw, GA review: This toy stinks ! The biggest problem is it is not virtual reality. It's like a viewmaster (still images) not a moving video like you would expect in the year 2002. My son is a big gamer, however the look on his face was one of sadness after struggling with my husband for 30 minutes trying to figure out what the game was supposed to do. I tried it myself and it was very frustrating! I recommend everyone not buy this game. IT [STINKS]!!!!!