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1972 DOB:
early years
1989 AFA Masters round 1, Austin, Texas, may 1989.
Ruben Castillo, Trend Bike employee and Austin local easily won his class (16-17 Expert flatland) by topping Conneticuttians Josh Marsele and Brandon Cole. Ruben debuted his new rolling peg decade type trick, the "fajita", as well as difficult combinations that helped with last year's national title.

Cover: Freestylin #52 september 1989.

8th place good class @ 2Hip Meet The Street finals, Salem, Oregon.

4th place good class @ 2Hip Meet The Street final standings.
ruben castillo freestylin 09 1989
1990 Graduation from Westwood High School.
1991 The Dirt Bros have added Ruben Castillo to their force.
1996 1st place stuntboys flat @ 1996 BS round 1, South Padre Island, march 1996.

1996 worlds in Germany.
1997 Interview: Ride BMX US april 1997.

Video Graveyard Novocaine.

BMX Plus! june 1997: Sequence of Ruben Castillo pulling superman seat grab whips.

Video GT Dead Sailor december 1997.
1998 7th place pro flat @ Burning Bike Festival, Arizona, november 1998.
1999 Ruben Alcantara and Ruben Castillo are on the cover of Ride BMX US february 1999.

Cover (bottom left) and interview: Freedom #26 march 1999.
ruben castillo ride bmx us

freedom bmx
2002 Interview: Ride BMX UK december 2002.
2003 Interview: Ride BMX UK october 2003.