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1981 DOB: 14/09/1981
early years
1998 Kye Forte interview in Ride BMX UK #34 april 1998.
1999 Kye Forte with a one handed flattie at the Decoy trails on the cover of Ride BMX UK #44 december 1999. Photo by Paul Roberts. kye forte Ride BMX UK 12 99
2002 4th place pro street @ 2002 Backyard jam round 1, Telford.

5th place pro street @ BMX Freestyle Worlds 2002, July 4th – 7th, 2002, Cologne, Germany.

2nd place pro dirt and 4th place pro street @ 2002 Backyard jam round 2, Hastings, july 2002.

31th pro dirt and 25th pro street @ 2002 Vans Triple Crown round 3, Oceanside, october 2002.

9th place pro street @ 2002 Backyard jam round 3, Derby, october 2002.
Fresh from a trip to the States, Kye Forte took some hard slams but rode with flow and a smooth style, table and turndown 360's over the volcano as well as fufanus to table on the back rail. All thrown in with massive wall rides.

Kye Forte on the cover plus interview in Ride BMX UK #64 december 2002.
kye forte Ride BMX UK 12 02
2003 3rd place pro park @ 2003 Backyard jam round 1, Bournemouth.

Kye Forte's Pashley bike check in Ride BMX UK august 2003.

15th place pro dirt @ 2003 summer X-Games.

6th place pro dirt @ 2003 Backyard jam round 3, Derby, october 2003.
2004 Perv Kye Forte signature bars (designed to Kye’s personal specification, manufactured from 4130 cromo tubing and fluted to save weight were needed. The bars are 25 inches wide , 7 7/8 inch rise with a 10 degree back sweep.) and Perv Kye Forte signature forks (Kye’s signature fork is built using 4130 cromoloy as on his signature Bars, the legs are Fluted around the bend to increase strength in this curtail area with minimal gain in weight yet allowing for the tubing to reduce in thickness were possible to give a significant over all leg weight. The steerer tube is CNC’d and is also internally fluted for increased strength. Also featuring 5mm thick 4130 cromo dropouts, which are slotted for 10mm axles and machined steerer end for minimum fork length with maximum tyre clearance.)

MoVment 'Zine
www.randombmx.com: Kye Forte and the rest of the MoVment have been busy putting together their first 'zine. If you want to know more of what the MoVment is about or what Kye and the rest of the Decoy crew have been upto, try and get your hands on a copy.

20th place pro park @ 2004 CFB round 1, Woodward West, april 2004.

Kye Forte in Bournemouth on the cover of Soul BMXvideo mag #25 summer 2004. Foto: Ricky Adam.
kye forte soul summer 2004
2005 The first curb manual to ever make the cover of a BMX magazine ? Kye Forte in Monterrey, Mexico on the cover of Dig #47 june 2005. Photo by Ricky Adam.

Kye Forte invert in a Cali pool on the cover of Ride BMX UK #86 july 2005. Photo by Paul Roberts.
kye forte dig 06 05

kye forte Ride BMX UK 07 05
2006 THE MOVMENT clothing co run by Kye Forte.

Kye Forte is riding for the new United bike company.

1st place pro dirt style award and 4th place pro mini @ 2006 Rebel jam, Berlin, august 2006.