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196 DOB: March 4, 1961 in Downey, California, USA.
early years Juarez started riding on BMX's in the early 1970s. His mother noticed him always working on his bike and thus dubbed him "Tinker."
1975 Turned pro BMX. Tinker Juarez is racing BMX for Kawasaki.
1978 Summer, 1978. Paramount, Lakewood and other Southern California parks begin reserving sessions or whole days exclusively for BMX. Tinker Juarez, a top bicycle motocross circuit racer, makes the cross-over better than most, innovating amazing freestyle moves on the vert. (Skateboarder magazine february 1980)
1980 Cover: BMX Action april 1980.

Interview: Skateboarder april 1980.
1983 Interview in BMX Action january 1983.
1986 He made the transition to mountain biking in 1986 when he bought a Roland bike.
My background was BMX and I did it for more than 15 years. Then I got into mountain biking and started in '86.
1989 Pro MTB.
1994 1st place @ 1994 NORBA champ
Silver Medal @ World Cross-Country Championships
3rd place @ 1994 World Cup Overall