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1971 DOB: may 10th, 1971.
Birthplace: PONTIAC, MI USA
early years Participant since 1985
Competitor since 1988
1991 ron kimler
1994 ron kimler
1995 Interview in Ride BMX US april 1995.
1997 Ron Kimler quitte Standard et roule pour Schwinn. ron kimler
1998 Interview in Ride BMX US june 1998.
1999 Ron Kimler toboggan on the cover of Ride BMX US april may 1999. ron kimler ride bmx us 04 99
2000 Cover and profile in Props #36 spring 2000.

Ron Kimler got married to Marcia on May 27, 2000.
ron kimler props bmx
2001 February 2001, Ron Kimler is off Schwinn. ron kimler
2002 Ron Kimler is off of Airwalk and on Duffs.
2003 Ron Kimler toothpick on the cover of BMX Plus! august 2003. ron kimler bmx plus 08 2003