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1981 Birthplace: San Diego, CA, USA
Birthdate: april 29,1981.
early years
1997 Fresh faced 16-year-old BMX stunt rider Mike Parenti signs a sponsorship deal with a major bike company, GT, and immediately hits the road to compete in contests. With the full support of his loving--and worried--Mom, Mike struggles with the pressure of budding super-stardom and the risk of broken bones as he fights to make a name for himself.
1998 3rd place pro street @ The 2hip burning bike festival
1999 5th place dirt @ X-Games 1999
2000 Mike Parenti poster in SNAP #45 july 2000.

4th place dirt @ X-Games 2000
Fourth place went to Mike Parenti, which is really impressive since Mike was riding with a wrecked knee. Mike did a huge superman-seatgrab transfer over the second set along with a lot of other cool stuff at Voelker-style height.
2001 7th place dirt @ X-Games 2001.

While still recovering from another knee operation in 2001, Mike had a first place finish in the DK Dirt Circuit
2002 Video Direction.

14th place park @ X-Games 2002.

Cover and interview: Transit video magazine issue 8
2003 Cover: BMX Plus! april 2003

3rd place @ X-Games 2003

in Ride BMX US october 2003.
Mike: I don't know if people know exactly what I'm all about—I don't know if they want to know. But it's my first interview and I'm pretty stoked that you guys are going to waste eleven pages on me.
2004 Interview dans BMXup: )
2006 Mike Parenti one handed one footed invert in Athens Georgia on the cover of Ride BMX US july 2006. Photo by Jeff Allen.

Ride BMX US august 2006: Shortly after july's cover was shot, the on-the-cover-boy Mike Parenti tore his ACL in his good knee.
07 2006