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DOB: 12 avril
I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I grew-up in Cleveland, Ohio--a small suburb called Bay Village.
early years I've probably been skateboarding since 1985 or '86, but didn't pick-up a BMX bike 'til around '92. I started riding flatland first for the first six months. I really didn't even know what street-riding was at the time. I didn't read magazines or watch videos, so that didn't really have a lot of influence when I started riding. I met some friends--Sean Dorton and Tom Berry and a couple of people from Lakewood, Ohio--those were my main influences. That's kind of where I learned about street-riding, dirt-jumping and all of that stuff.

The first person to ever give me anything was Steve Crandall. He came to Woodward once and hooked me up with some FBM shirts. Then I got hooked-up by Airwalk --probably even before Steve. It was Joe and Taj--it's not like they were sponsoring me--they both rode for different companies. Whenever I'd break something at Woodward, they were just like, "Oh, you broke your bars. Here ya go." I was just like, "Whoa!"
1997 Works as a director at Woodward.

Cover and interview in Ride BMX US december 1997 about Chenga.
nathan wessel ride bmx us
2003 Nate Wessel had to leave the T1 world trip in may 2003 after a severely broken tibia. He flew home to Cleveland for emergency surgery and was actually able to have some problems with his ankle fixed up at the same time. He ended up with a plate and a bunch of screws to hold him together. He'll be down for about 6-8 weeks, but then should be much better off. How did he break his leg you ask? Grinding a 12 inch tall ledge of course!