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Skateboarder magazine turned into a multisports/lifestyle magazine with a variety of articles showing the latest in new sports, music and styles, yet continued to still keep it’s roots with lots of pictures and ads about skateboarding.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 2005:
Action Now was an "extreme sports" magazine that had a mix of skateboarding, surfing, BMX, music and everything else extraordinary like "Fairing bikes". These "downhill road racers" as they called their vehicles, were basically 20" bikes with fiberglass fairings attached to it. Originator was Dan Hanebrink. Dean Bradley was the man who did the Bicycle part of the magazine.

vintageskateboardmagazines.com: In August 1980 Skateboarder Magazine relaunched itself as Action Now. With the decline of the second wave the magazine was struggling to keep its readership and advertisers. In many ways Action Now was ahead of its time - covering a range of 'Extreme sports', but to the hardcore skaters of the time it was the bitter end, and many left the magazine. Action Now ran till Vol 8 No 7 in 1982.
action now 08 80 volume 7 issue 1 - august 1980 (premiere issue)
Stacy Peralta, Eddie Elguera, Bikes, Mike Benavidez on the cover.
Stacy Peralta Interview, DEVO "Freedom Of Choice": Skate Film (6 pages), Del Mar Bowl Contest, Gold Cup Series, Surfer Mike Benavidez Interview, Speed Cycles, Fairing Bikes, L.A. New Wave Punk Groups (Human Hands, Wall Of Voodoo)
Centerfold: George Orton.
84 pages.
action now 09 1980 volume 7 issue 2 - september 1980
Steve Olson Interview, Oasis Bowl Contest, Skimboarding, 999 (punk band), Grass Skiing, Rollerskating Bowl Contest, Trials Bike riding, New York punk wave scene,
action now 10 1980 volume 7 issue 3 - october 1980
George Orton Interview, Street Downhill, Moto Cross Contest L.A., Big O Pro Bowl Contest, San Francisco Scene (Eye Protection, Andy Prieboy, Crime, Dead Kennedys), BMX Profile Brian Lewis, Worldwide Techno Pop (OMD, Caberet Voltare, Gary Newman, Wall Of Voodoo, Residents, Pere Ubu, Suicide, etc...)
action now 11 80 volume 7 issue 4 - november 1980
Mike Folmer Interview, Craig Fineman Portfolio, Bowl Rollerskaters, Colton Pro Bowl Contest, Red Zinger Bike Race, BMX Contest, LA Clubs (Filming of "URGH! A Music War" movie (X, Gears, Surf Punks, Cramps, Pere Ubu, Oingo Boingo, Blasters, Dead Kennedys, Weirdos, Wall Of Voodoo, etc...)
jeff watson bmx action now 12 1980 volume 7 issue 5 - december 1980
Duane Peters Interview, Capitola Classic Downhill, Boulder Bowl Contest, Kneeboarding, Heavy Metal (Def Leppard, Ted Nugent, AC/DC, Scorpions, Led Zeppelin), Red Zinger Bike Race, BMX Jeff Watson, Snowboard Rage, Martial Arts, 24" Cruisers.
bob haro bmx action now 01 81 volume 7 issue 6 - january 1981
Bob Haro Interview, Laguna Seca Downhill, Marina Bowl Contest, BMX ABA Anaheim, Pro Surfing Contest, Freestyle Skateboarding, Boogie Board Contest, The Cars, Snowboarding, Victoria Skimboard Contest.
Centerfold: BMX Bob Haro.
action now 02 81 volume 7 issue 7 - february 1981
Roger Hickey Interview, NBA BMX Nationals, Upland Combi Bowl Contest, Moto Cross Finals, Surf Jeff Parker and Steve Richardson Interviews, Skiing, Formula One Mike Chandler, The B-52's, BMX Kevin Harlow.
action now 03 81 volume 7 issue 8 - march 1981
Snowboarding, Boogieboarding, Lakewood Halfpipe Contest, Sandboarding, BMX Contest, Mountain Biking, Wood Skate Ramps, Euro Skate Summer Camp, Blondie
action now 04 1981 volume 7 issue 9 - april 1981
jeff kosmala bmx action now 05 1981 may 1981
Cover shows cruiser race king Jeff Kosmala.
Some of the features in this issue are: article on the amazing skateboarding “aerialist” Steve Caballero (Fakie-Ollie), Jeff Kosmala (BMX “Cruiser” class racer), “Ramp Ingredients” for skateboarders, and AC/DC with Angus Young.
action now june 1981
John Gothard Surf on the cover.
Some of the features in this issue are: the amazing skateboarding freestylist-Rodney Mullen “Mutt”, “The 1981 Potato Bowl”, “Ramp Building” (Bob Haro on BMX ramps), “Firing Line”(Eric Grisham, skateboarder interview), and “John Gothard”(surfer article).
action now july 1981
SKATEBOARDING- Colton Bowl Contest, the Great Ramp Hunt. BMX- Rancho San Diego, Beach cruisers. MOTO-X- L.A. Coliseum. SURFING- Danny Kwock interview.Windsurfing. '81 Summer Guide to what to have, wear, try. MUSIC- Adam And The Ants article, Album Reviews: (Adolescents, Vapors, AC/DC, Pretenders, Plimsouls, Who, Judas Priest). Lots of classic 80's New Wave Punk...
joe claveau bmx action now 08 81 august 1981
Joe Claveau on the cover. 1st Anniversary Issue.
In this issue: The K.C. Punch Out Blow By Blow by D. David, A.N. On T.V., The Jag BMX 500, First Swell of Summer by Dave Epperson, Van Halen, and more.
Ads in this issue: Off Shore, Rad Pad, Vans, Oakley, Powell Peralta, Yamaha, Santa Cruz, Variflex, Haro Designs and more.
Photos include: Mark Barnett, Bob Hannah, Bob Haro, David Z. Lean, Neil Blender, Tex Haines, Tinker Juarez, John Gothard, Nathan Pratt, Dean Quinn, Mike Clark, Phil Treibel, Jeff Parker, and many more.
action now september 1981
Freestyle BMX.
action now october 1981
greg hill bmx action now november 1981
Greg Hill on the cover.
Del Mar Skate Contest, Victoria Skimboard Contest, Rockabilly fashion, Laguna Seca Downhill, Trestles Stubbies Surf Contest, Greg Hill Interview, The GO-GO's, etc... Lots of classic 80's New Wave Punk...
action now december 1981
bob haro action now 01 82 january 1982
Bob Haro wiring a high speed nose wheelie on the cover.
CENTERFOLD: Snowboarding (article).
action now 02 82 march 1982