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Founder, editor, ...: Ken Paul
Country: Canada
Before editing Chase magazine, Ken Paul made this underground 'zine called Backdoor .
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10 issue 10 - Best Of The First 9 Issues - Winter of 1991
Contributors: Ken Paul, George Graham, Jamie Bilan, Anthony Berardi, Keith Brown, Anna Chan, Corey Sherill and Brian Medway
Features: Goat Talk, My Tricycle, Curious George and the Electric Fence, Long Haul Speaks, Jay Miron/Jamie Merritt Interviews, Real-it-tv II Advert.
11 issue 11 - Spring 1991
Contributors: Ken Paul, Bart De Jong, John Stewart, Darren Wong.
Features: A Contest Report From Vancouver, A Contest Report From Winnipeg, Richmond Skate Park, Red Fisher, Damn Dogs, 2 Hippies - No Minors Club Tour, Bitch, Bitch, Even More Useless Info, No Way, All or Nothing, CABA Grand Nationals (Kelowna BC).
12 issue 12 - Fall 1991
Contributors: Ken Paul, Doug Pashuta, Joel Fraser, Anthony Berardi, Darcy Frank, Jamie Bilan, Steve Emig
Features: Dorkin 41/2, Doo, Vanilla up My Ass, The Idot Box, The Kenster, Homeless 3 Video, How Back Door Is Made, Bif Dip, My Friend Jon, Mudhoney, Packin' Sand, Langley Skate Ranch Contest, California, Mrs, Svenson, More Info.
THERE IS NO ISSUE THRITEEN (Ken Paul thought it would be bad luck)
14 issue 14 - Winter 1992
Contributors: Ken Paul, Darcy Frank, Joel Fraser, Gina Schade, Bart De Jong, Anthony Berardi, Johm Sutton, Jason Bonner, Jeremy Enns, Jeff Fauclle, Rob Kowaluk, Steve Emig,Corey Sherrill, Brian Meintz, Bruce, Tracy Robinson, Wes Tully, George Graham.
Features: Straight Outta Indy 2, Your Father, The Key, Get In The Ring, Feel My Leg Muscles, European Vacation, Riders Ready, Theatre Of Pain, Warlord, I Left My Heart In Winnipeg, Deluxe, Packin Sand, Stay Away From My Sista, 4342 Nanaimo.
15 issue 15 - Spring 1992
Contributors: John Sutton, Roger Rempel, Gina Schade, Brian Meintz, Steve Emig, Chris Rye, The Crusher, Rob Kowaluk, Boyd Schlenker, John Stewart, Bart DeJong, Darcy Frank.
Features: The Key, Set The Fire Baby, Battle Ax IV, Baco Vision 3, Open Door...Denmark, A Hick In the Ass, Finally, Oh No Not Again, Blur Pop Scene, Bite, Red Fisher, Best Friend, Don't Think, Up And Down.
16 issue 16 - Summer 1992
Contributors: Rob Kowaluk, BMX Tom, John Stewart, John Sutton, Roger Sarrison, Bart De Jong, Jeremy Enns, Steve Emig, Jamie Bilan, Graham Allport, Rob Kombs, Aaron Bingham
Features: The Key, Stompin' Tom Rules, Whistler Summer War, Crusher Video, Jerk, Crusher 92, Misery, The Albert, California Report, Chain Link, Fishing Tales, Ninja Party
17 issue 17- Fall 1992
Rob Kowalk, Goatman, John Sutton, Bruce, Ted Oster, Darcy Frank, Brian Neintz, Terminator, Rob Bombs, Boyd Schlenker, Rob Sigaty, Jason Bonner.
Features: K.O.C. RIP, The Key, Fuck the Indy Bring Back the Stubby, Jason Enns, Skatepark Nelson BC, I Love Vancouver, the Loop, Big Dip, Burst, Helltrack, Back In Time, Hey Winnipeg.