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Beware is a magazine from Germany.
beware bmx zine issue 9
beware bmx zine 16 issue 16
Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: BEWARE ‘zine is made by our friend Pedro Fastinetto from Köln Germany and this is his 16th creation. I’m very honored to be in this magazine with .. pictures and because there is a pricegivingaway I don’t say it is 11 times, you can win the Party-Roller invented by Pete the Turk, very handy and dandy. The Mofa-europameister 2002 is a moped contest with bmx-riders like Klaus Dyba sponsored by team SCHABAU. Team SCHABAU didn’t let me go to the King of Concrete this year but invited me on there 10th aniversary on BMX Hometrack Vogelsang and got my ankle broken while boxing Ralf Maier and bringing me to the hospital by Docter Clint Millar. The best of that was that I slept in a bed and the rest of our crew in cars, tents or didn’t sleep at all, the rest sucked bigtime, I have been off my bike since then and hope to be on next week or so, THANKS to Team Schabau for the invitation! I’m glad I had my first Freestyle Motocross picture in this Beware with a nice No footer 2 feet high, hope Glen Freedman of Crusty Demons of Dirt buys this zine so he can hook me up for Crusty 9! Coverage of the Worlds, COB Oberhausen, Texas Holland, Kölle Alaaf, Schabau roadtrip, Riders reunion Las Vegas by Bernd Schneider, Skelter jumping, Weinachtsstory, Gottschalk’s Top 10 and nice pictures from the IFMA contest with Lady Ramone in da house!
If you want to order this Beware zine #16 or a longsleeve shirt für wenig kohle try to contact Pete Fastinetto at +49 221 400 94 34 or email at: pedrofastinettoauskoln@Idon’thaveemail.de or go to Köln Germany and ask in every pub where you can find the boss of the SCHABAU team and they will give you directions to the main-office at Beware Zine.
Pete you Rule!