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Bimonthly BMX magazine from Japan.
1 issue 1 - march april 2002
The first issue.
Chad Degroot and Joe Rich interviews.
2 issue 2 - may june 2002
How to manual
3 issue 3 - august 2002
Availabe in Store on 20th July!
Flatland special edition.
How to's: boomerang by Takashi Ito.
4 issue 4 - october 2002
Overseas special edition.
Brian Foster on the cover.
California skatepark tour
We The People Europe tour.
The interview SHOE-G is also a must !
5 issue 5 - november december 2002
York Uno on the cover.
It is Japan's BMX scene special edition which begins from a Yosuke Uno long interview.
It continues with KOG, products, and tour.
6 issue 6 - february 2003
Special racing edition.
7 issue 7 - april 2003
Special edition: ride street, ride free.
Yamamoto "YAMMA" Ryoji's long interview'.
2003 complete model frame catalog
8 issue 8 - june 2003
Special edition - 2003 BMX style book
Interview with Ito Takashi
Road trip.
7 issue 9 - august 2003
Special edition: 2003 Global X-Games.
Tadashi interview: Yoshihiro Niide and Nakamura
Juicy Vision road trip.
10 issue 10 - october 2003
Yamma on the cover ?
X-Games in Los Angeles, report in detail.
The "gear board": gear ratio, sprocket catalog.
BMX at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, ...
11 issue 11 - december 2003
Kaitai Shinsho on the cover ?
Freedom Lab: "tire research for flatland"
BMX shoes collection: 58 models
Interview: Seiji Saito
Marty Rose special interview
The BMX scene of Asia is Malaysia Asian X tour report now.
That Prime Minister Morimoto!? Yellow Fever Jam
12 issue 12 - february 2004
Special edition: 2004 complete bike and frame catalog.
Interview with Shinichiro Ito.
S&M Bikes factory report
endpoint 81
13 issue 13 - april 2004
Asian X-Games 2004
Interview with Kyosuke Fujita
BMX life introduction "SNOW LIFE" of northeast & Hokkaido
100 charm of BMX RIDING, ...
14 issue 14 - june 2004
Summer 2004 with a BMX.
Summer T-Shirts Collection: 50 brands in connection with BMX, 127 T-shirts!
15 issue 15 - august 2004
Special edition Back to BMX.
When BMX went into Japan, how was it? How has it influenced the present scene?
16 issue 16 - october 2004
X-Games X in LA.
17 issue 17 - december 2004
Special edition: Since and Then.
The former of BMX. And future. Where does BMX come from and where do we go? The BMX history by the staff: TacoRazzi by Tacos, 20 years of Freestyle by OKU, Extreme Dreams in X Games 6 Years.
The live report of force: KOG Final, endpoint81 Final, Ground Force in Singapore, ...