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Australian BMX Magazine.
Only lasted 13 Issues. Life Dates: Issue no. 1 (1981)-no. 13 (1983)
Frequency: Quarterly from issue no. 1 to 4 and Monthly from issue no. 5 to 13.
bmx pancake 01 number 1 - 1981
All you ever wanted to know about BMX.
The clubs.
Shopping around.
bmx pancake 02 number 2
bmx pancake 03 number 3
Bob Haro coming to Australia.
Stu Thomsen stomps em in Sydney.
bmx pancake 04 number 4
Meet Jamie Hales.
bmx pancake 05 number 5 - 1982
Bike test: Crossrider BMX Pro.
Quicksilver grand nationals.
bmx pancake 06 number 6
Bike test: Quicksilver BMX-82.
Pro purses.
bmx pancake 07 number 7 (scanned by Simon 0910 - download)
Bike test: Appolo's team rig.
NBA winter grand nationals.
bmx pancake 08 number 8
Bike test: Repco Team Hotfoot.
bmx pancake 09 number 9
BMX on ice.
E.T. and the BMX connection.
bmx pancake 10 number 10 - january 1983
Profile: Aussie girls Christine Twomey and Leigh-Anne Kasper.
28 pages of hot competition.
bmx pancake 11 number 11 - february 1983 (scanned by Simon 0906 - download)
Bike test: Malvern Star Turbo.
Profile: John Cowling.
29 pages of racing.
All you wanted to know about sidehacks.
bmx pancake 12 number 12 - march 1983
Bike test: Mongoose Pro Class.
Profile: Shane Robinson.
Beginner's tips: how to look for sponsors.
Details the 1983 australian titles.
Skate park stylin'.
68 pages.
darren miler bmx pancake 13 number 13 - spring 1983 (shared by Simon 1002 - download)
Darren Miler on the cover.
Features include a profile on John Harris, racing Jox - Jag World Titles, 1983 National Titles at Surfers Paradise, Trans Tasman Cup Challenge, and NSW Titles.
66 pages.