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Magazine from Australia.

Warwick Wheeler (editor), november 2005: BMXPRESS magazine started in 1998 NOT 1999. BMXPRESS magazine is the longest running Australian BMX magazine in the history of Australian BMX. BMXPRESS is the only Australian BMX magazine that fully covers all BMX, all the time. BMXPRESS can be found nationally in Australia and New Zealand.
bmxpress 1 issue 1 - june 1999
Luke Madill on the cover. Two covers include the token hottie.
issue 2 - august 1999
bmxpress 3 issue 3 - october 1999
Steve McCann BMX press 12 99 issue 4 - december 1999
Steve McCann no foot cancan one hand on the cover.
Mike Ardelean interview.
Wade Bootes BMX press 02 00 issue 5 - february 2000
Wade Bootes on the cover.
Australian X-Games.
issue 6 - april 2000
issue 7 - june 2000
issue 8 - august 2000
issue 9 - october 2000
issue 10 - december 2000
bmxpress 11 issue 11 - february 2001
issue 12 - april 2001
Michael “Tiger” Robinson on the cover.
bmxpress 13 issue 13 - june 2001
issue 14 - august 2001
www.bmxpressmag.com: Issue #14 with Corey Bohan pulling a sweet flip one-foot x was the issue that broke the all-time record of published Australian BMX magazines. This record was previously held by “Pancake” from the early 1990’s.
issue 15 - october 2001
bmxpress december 2001 issue 16 - december 2001
4 JAN 2002
Aussie News, BMXPRESS is pleased to announce that the first ever-national pro circuit called the "BMXPRESS BICYCLE SUPER-X SERIES" will begin in 2002. AA Pro will have a guaranteed minimum og $400 per round and payments go to sixteenth place. There will be six round. Taking the best four scores plus the final placing from the entire series. First rounds in Nerang but the next round is in NSW, on 10th of March.
BMXPRESS is also pround to announce that we have a multi year deal with FOX SPORTS for a half-hour TV program. Every round of the series will be televised on national TV. All mains from the pro men and female with interviews will be seen on national tv. The program will be called "BMX CENTRAL".
issue 17 - february 2002
issue 18 - april 2002
issue 19 - june 2002
issue 20 - august 2002
issue 21 - october 2002
issue 22 - december 2002
Ryan Guettler BMX press 04 03 issue 23 - march april 2003
Ryan Guettler on the cover.
BMX press 06 03 issue 24 - june 2003
www.bmxpressmag.com: Issue #24 is when we changed to the perfect binding spine from the old staples.
issue 25 - august 2003
issue 26 - october 2003
BMX press 12 03 issue 27 - december 2003
BMX press 02 04 issue 28 - february 2004
issue 29 - april 2004
Kane Gill on the cover of issue #29 is the youngest rider to ever appear on the cover of BMXPRESS.
BMX press 07 04 issue 30 - june july 2004
BMX press 08 04 issue 31 - august 2004
BMX press 12 04 issue 32 - december 2004
Gravity Games
UCI worlds
ABA worlds
NBL Grands
Luke Parslow BMX press 04 05 issue 33 - april may 2005
Luke Parslow on the cover.
Racing: Gold Coast Nats, RM59 Tropical Challenge, ABA Grands, NBL Christmas Classic, China Exhibition Race, UCI Round WA, Track Attack, Knox Dome.
Freestyle: X Air NZ, Five Dock Bowl Jam, Only in Brissy, Heavry Metal Heroes 10
Bios: Mark Taylor, Ryan Birch
Bike Check: Kamakazi.
BMX press 06 05 issue 34 - june july 2005
Racing: Aussie Nationals, ABA US Nationals, ACT Titles, Liverpool Masters, DK West Coast Nats
Freestyle: BMX Games 05, Cruzer Tour, UK Bike Show, HMH 11, Immigrants Road Trip, Sydney's Northern, Beaches Scene
Bios: Cale Mc, Josh Irvine.
Bike Check: Nathan Searle.
BMX press 09 05 issue 35 - september october 2005
issue 36 - november december 2005
www.bmxpressmag.com: Issue #36 with Luke Fink on the cover is the first issue with the new logo.
issue 37 - january february 2006
38 issue 38 - march april 2006
Ryan Guettler on the cover.
39 issue 39 - may june 2006
Cam Pianta from Benalla Victoria at Cam Whites' jumps in Canberra on the cover.
www.bmxstars.com, may 2006: Inside issue #39 you will find racing information from the ACT Titles – DK Liverpool Masters – NBL Christmas Classic – ABA Gator Nationals– UCI Round 5 and the Aussie Title Form Guide.
There are also the regular features such as Dirt, interviews, Bios, Bike Check and lots more.
bmx press 07 06 issue 40 - july 2006
issue 41
issue 42
issue 43 - march april 2007
issue 44 - may 2007
www.racebmxwa.com: This issue includes coverage of Cam White's jam, ACT Titles, SA Titles, Liverpool, BMX Games, Track Attack and much more. Local coverage includes a small Collie Race Report and a Bike Check with Mark "Warrior" Taylor.
issue 45
issue 46
issue 47
bmx press 48 issue 48 - august september 2008
2008 UCI World Championships.
Red Bull Dirt Pipe.
S&M Tour.
Leeton jam.
Ryan Guettler's playground.
bmx press 49 issue 49 - january february 2009
2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Press release, april 2009: From now on BMXPRESS Magazine is a BMX race only magazine... No freestyle, no dirt jumping, no street, no park, just exclusive content written by BMXPRESS for BMXPRESS readers in 100% full colour, full gloss, 100 pages of mainstream full tilt racing.

In case you were wondering all the BMX Freestyle is going into a new magazine called BMXLIFE.
bmx press 50 issue 50 - april may june 2009
www.bmxultra.com, april 2009: I got my hands on an advanced copy of issue #50 of BMXPRESS. I didn't think it would be possible to fill 100 pages with pure 100% racing but Warwick and the guys over at BMXPRESS have done it. There is an absolute tonne of racing coverage from all over the country. The photos are awesome, the range and the depth of the articles will keep reading front to back. It really is a pleasure to read, and I'm not just saying that because there's a 5 page BSX spread. Keep an eye out for this one.
bmx press 51 issue 51
Press Release, september 2009: BMXPRESS Magazine, now 100% racing, issue #51 is out nationally across Australia, East Coast today, West Coast this Friday, and New Zealand next week. Once again wall-to-wall full gloss, full colour, mainstream race mag. BMXPRESS celebrates our 10th anniversary by bringing Australian readers their own fully blown race mag. BMXPRESS is written by riders for riders. From the Editor down, we are all riders, bringing you the best in Aussie/NZ racing. Thanks for all those who support BMXPRESS Magazine and BMX.

www.bmxultra.com, september 2009: We got hold of an early release of this issue and have to say any fan of BMX racing will dig it. It's got it all, from Old School BMX from Aus and UK to current day races from across Australia and the UCI SX in Copenhagen. There is a massive feature (about 14 pages) on the Australian Championships, the ACT titles and the NZ titles with lots of photos. There's also regular features like the interviews, bike checks and a great article on Sibling Rivalry featuring WA's Taylor brothers and SA's Willoughby brothers, as well as the Gold Cup awards. Check it out.
bmx press 52 issue 52
Press release, january 2010: BMXPRESS magazine, Australia/NZ's Premier BMX publication (and longest running - almost 11 years) has issue #52 on the stands. This issue hit the stands in places as early as early December 2009. At BMXPRESS we like to quietly go about our business of producing unmatched 100% BMX race magazines, that take our sport to the mainstream. Issue #52 is a history making issue as it is the biggest Australian BMX race only magazine ever produced. This large format issue has a 116 pages of wall-to-wall racing. Not only that, it brings BMX alive in vivid full colour with full gloss pages. Now you won't find that anywhere else. BMXPRESS employees lived and rode in the "old skool days", so we have all BMX at heart. In the latest issue you will find a great spread of "Old Skool BMX" and modern day BMX. No matter what type of BMX you are into, BMXPRESS has you covered. Sam Willoughby has been ripping it up lately, so we thought that Sam should get the honour of being our cover rider. He was pretty stoked when we told him.
BMXPRESS; the riders journal by riders!
issue 57
Press release, november 2011: Issue #57 of BMXPRESS Magazine is milestone for us with our biggest issue ever. You will get 132 pages (including cover) of wall-to-wall 100% bmx racing covering 16 race events, interviews, lifestyle stories, and MUCH MORE, all wrapped up in an oversized format magazine. All this and still only AUD$9.95.
issue 59
Press release, april 2012: Due to the overwhelming response to our last issue which had 132 pages of wall-to-wall BMX racing, we decided to do another huge action packed issue with another 132 pages of the best, most comprehensive BMX Racing action you can find. This issue covers another 16 races, amateur highlights and much more in full gloss colour and an oversized format with big exciting photos.
issue 60
Warwick Wheeler, press release, december 2012: Make sure you head out and get your copy of the latest BMXPress Magazine issue #60. BMXPress is a riders magazine written by riders. This is truly a monster issue. This is a world record setting issue of 164 pages of unmatched comprehensive coverage of 100% BMX Racing. NO other 100% BMX race magazine has ever been published with this amount of pages. It is wall-to-wall BMX racing action… This issue has the exclusive coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games and just about everything you wanted to know about BMX at the London Olympics. We have over 60+ pages of full coverage of the London Olympics BMX event. This coverage alone is bigger then most other magazines. Every lap and race is covered. Each race from the first race to the finals is covered on its own full page spread with at least three pictures from each and every race. The finals has a double page spread on each of the male and female finals. Throw in a bunch of exclusive interviews, and the coverage is huge. It doesn't get any better than that!!! We didn’t stop there. We bring you the best coverage from the best races across Oz with another 12 races. Just in case you wanted more, look for our exclusive bios, interviews etc. Read what National Coach Wade Bootes really thought of our performance in London, and see what Barry Knight and the crew at BMXA have planned for BMX in Australia.
+ Exclusive coverage of the Lauren Reynolds gate 1 tribute…. And lots more. This is our "SPECIAL 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS COLLECTORS ISSUE". Make sure you have a copy in your collection. Still only $9.95 in Oz. Thanks to all the riders, readers, advertisers, photographers and supporters of BMXPress. It is these people who make BMXPress the magazine of choice for Australian / New Zealand BMX. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone, and we will see you at the next big race…
issue 64 - 2014
132 pages of wall-to-wall BMX Race action from all over Australia.
14 races including most of the State Titles that have been run since the last issue.
Including the NSW, NT, WA and the Victorian State Titles. We also cover the Nerang Internationals, Knox Thunderdome, Cash dash and a lot more.
Don’t forget we covered the biggest, little track event, the 2014 BSX race.
The old Schoolers will be be excited about our historical pieces with the “10 DEFINING MOMENTS THAT SHAPED AUSTRALIAN BMX”.