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BMX and Freestyle magazine from Germany.
chris jenkins bmx trickx september 1984 volume 1 issue 4 - september 1984
Chris Jenkins on the cover.
bmx trickx 01 1985 jmc january 1985
bmx trickx 07 1985 eddie fiola volume 2 issue 4 - july august 1985
Eddie Fiola on the cover.
Gerrit Does, www.facebook.com, september 2013: Picture taken in 1985 at Ponypark Slagharen, during one of the demo's in that dome at the European Challenge Cup I organized.
nico does bmx trickx december 1986 volume 3 issue 6 - december 1986
Nico Does on the cover. Photo by Hans de Jong.
Dutch BMX Freestyle championships finals
How to freestyle ?
BMX Trickx trophy's !!!
Indoor Paris !!!
april 1987
Mike Miranda interview.