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Buff Zine is a small bmx zine based in the North East of UK.
It's nothing serious, we dont have any specific ideals or views except riding is meant to be fun. Buff is here to bring people together and allow them to share their experiences weather riding related or not through these small pages. Buff is free so you cant complain !
1 issue 1 - release 26/07/02
The first issue of BUFF was super shady. It took a couple of months to make just while we found our feet and knew what we were doing. In March we had made the trip down to Peterborough to ride at Y2SK8 with the Cambridge division of Logan. Barratt had taken loads of photo's so we decided we might as well feature this in the zine. Carmine Fortini had just got back from a 5 week trip to California so it was a race against time to get it in the zine before the release at the Urban Games as he got back a week before the deadline.
2 issue 2 - release 21/09/02
Issue 2 was a LOT less shady than the first one as I got the photocopier dialled. The NSF had been down to the Lambrini Jam in Leeds so we threw that in there as well as an interview with Bic. We also did a report on the 'Jez Fest/Malia festival' where tribe skate had set up some shady ass ramps to try and show the council that there was the demand for a park in the city. Mitsa, Bobrocker and myself made the trip down to the Urban Games on July 26th, Stayin at the Logan house and catching up with cambridgestiff who was at home for the summer.
3 issue 3
We all decided to go on a roadtrip for a couple of days down to Sheffield and in turn, the backyard jam in Derby. 13 of us got in a van ( and roughly the same in another rig) and had the time of our lives. It was great to see the Sheffield guys and some serious riding got done while a 27 strong crew took to the streets. Hman came along for the ride and took some amazing photos (some can be seen on the images page). Issue 3 was mainly hand written thanks to inspiration from Scerbo and 'Scrappin'.
4 issue 4
Full of random things. NSF 2 video premier went down in Sunderland so i took along a disposable camera and took some snaps. Newrick drew lots of little sketches that were real cool. Also Baz got an interview with some guy called Ratboy? As well as writing a short piece on the Nottingham scene. Cover art by Carmine Fortini.
issue 5
6 issue 6
Reviewed in BMX Rider #20.
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