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Magazine from Poland.
07 issue 0
Dominik Drabich on the cover.
Issue number 0 came out in May 2001. It included Marcin Stypulkowski bio, flatland vs street; two points of view on riding, Katowice flatland contest, Bialystok scene report and some regular stuff like letters, products, music and video reviews.
01 issue 1
Pawel Sokolowski on the cover.
Issue number 1 came out in January 2002. Contents was carhartt flatland contest in Cologne, Hamburg trip story, Bydgoszcz dirt contest, Warsaw skateparks checkout and usual stuff.
02 issue 2
Issue number 2 came out in May 2002. Alex Bender on the cover and inside a report from second polish freestyle championships, EKOD Berlin. Also an epilog to flatland vs street article from issue0, this time one standpoint.
03 issue 3
Marek Komorowski on the cover.
Issue number 3 came out in March 2003. Malta X Fest, Bialystok dirt contest, reports form EKOD in Darmstadt and Berlin, Mellowpark spot check, Woodcamp story.
04 issue 4 (1)
Issue number 4 came out in April 2004.
Kuba Stadnicki on the cover and inside EKOD Budapest, Woodcamp, Trailspotting, Katowice flatland contest, Warsaw story, Bydgoszcz scene report and regular stuff. 44 pages.
05 issue 5
Issue number 5 came out in December 2004. Klaudiusz Kraska on the cover. Bialystok freestyle championships, woodcamp, 3 jams reports, redbull circle of balance.
06 issue 6
Issue number 6 came out in May 2005.
Adrian Lowkajtis on the cover. It included among other stuff: Marek Komorowski interview, Redbull busters, flatland rant and usual stuff.
www.wethepeople.de, november 2005: Bunnyhop magazine is the only active Polish magazine. The latest issue also features part of the WTP tour as well as the latest on the Polish scene. For the rest of the world it's not so easy to read because it's predominately in Polish but for those passionate enough it's an essential part of the scene.
07 issue 7 - november 2005
Issue number 7 came out in November 2005. Adam Jasinski on the cover. Klaudiusz Kraska interview, We The People tour in Poland, Worlds in Prag, weekend in Wroclaw, Woodcamp, spot check, ghetto bowl in Poznan and lots of regular stuff.
bunny hop 08 issue 8 - april 2006
Issue 8 came out in april 2006. Ruben Rodriguez from la laguna is on the cover and there's story about the trip to tenerife, searching for nice, warm weather in the winter time. also there are reports form polish championship, red bull backyard digger in poland, opole jam. prong/soul road trip to czech republic and jerry k bio. as usual spot checks, music and video reviews and stuff like that.
bunny hop 09 issue 9 - august 2006
Issue 9 came out in august 2006. robert romanow on the cover. reports from relax jam in bialystok, contest in karvina/czech republic, sea show at the skate plaza in gdansk, flatland jam in torun and warsaw bike punk fest. interviews with pawel sokolowski (cover boy from issue #1) and daniel bienkowski. poznan scene report and lots of usual stuff: bio, reviews, gallery...