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Print publication based out of England.
Mike Netley (editor), casebmx.com, november 2009: Case BMX Magazine is a 100% rider owned and run BMX publication based on the south coast of England offering the highest possible quality content from around the globe. Case aims to cover all aspects of BMX. From the professional level competition-based side of things right down to the core basics available on the streets and deep in the woods. Case also aims to feature riders to suit everybody’s tastes from the unknown ‘up and comers’ set to be the next big thing, to your seasoned professionals, and to the rightly stated ‘legends’ in our sport. The aim here at Case is to be a little more geared towards being honest and a little more opinionated than what is currently on the market. Both in the stories that unfold within, the products reviewed and in the way that photographs tell you the reader what exactly is going on. That’s not to say however that not everybody can pick up a copy and enjoy the splendid way the sport is portrayed inside the magazine. At Case, the quality of photography, writing, and design, are all of equal importance. Pick up a copy and see for yourself. Quality is key here.

Mike, casebmx.com, november, 6th, 2009: The first issue is done. I am currently sorting out the financial side of things with my printer and then once that has been approved i will be sending the pages their way. Proofing takes a few days, and printing takes a few days after that.
case bmx magazine bmx fall 2009 issue 1 - december 2009
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, february 2010: CASE BMX is a new print magazine from the UK. In the editorial of the first issue Mike Netley wrote the following: "No cover price, good quality content, well thought-out and designed articles and a good form of distribution resulting in a wide circulation. Basically reaching out to the masses with a good quality magazine, that's what Case is about."
This means that the free magazine can be picked up at your local BMX shop if they carry it and who wouldn't grab a free 84-page full colour BMX mag off the racks? If you wanted to make a magazine back in the day you ended up doing a xeroxed 'zine. This first issue by Mike Netley is the real deal. People like Mark Noble, Vincent Perraud, Fraser Peek and Jeremy Muller contributed to the first issue which is distributed by Profile Racing in the UK. But somebody has to pay for all this and that will be the advertisers. With two other established BMX magazines plus a BMX race magazine coming out of the UK that will be a hard battle. I hope there is enough room for all four. Maybe you should all buy a new bike next week so the BMX distributors have some extra cash to spend on advertising. And that way you'll be able to keep picking up the free Case mag at the dealership. Deal?

case bmx magazine bmx spring 2010 issue 2 - spring 2010
www.fatbmx.com, april 2010: Lots of new magazines don't get any further than the first issue, but here's issue two of Case, the free BMX mag out of the UK. By BMXers, for BMXers, and available at the better BMX shops around the UK. Sounds like a good deal for everyone. Coverage for the riders and their brands, something to read for the riders and the BMX shops get some more people in the door. Win Win situation. As long as the industry supports this mag, it will stay. Issue three will have more copies produced, will have another legend on the cover, more product reviews, more expensive prizes up for grabs and will still be free of charge.

The source trip to Madrid, Spain.
Geoff Slattery talks travel.
The return of Level Vibes flatland jam.
Brian Yeagle talks filming.
Will Herrmann.
Isaac Lesser
Ross Head
Jimmy Rushmore
Mark Mulville
Large photo section
Product pages and reviews
Tom Robinson ‘Robbo’
Simpel Session from Tallinn, Estonia.

Effraim Catlow, flatmattersonline.blogspot.com: Issue 2 of Case Magazine has been out a while now, its free! Editor Mike Netley deserves a hefty pat on the back for providing us with six pages of Level Vibes coverage, Johann Chann does a great job with a light hearted 10 point breakdown of level vibes (ten years since level vibes get it?) with Robert Voller also providing a few photographs. Small interviews with Sam Foakes, Phil Dolan, Myself and of course Mr LV, James White, nuff humour! Quote from James' interview "What are some of the best ways to put Phil Dolan off in a contest? Just knowing I'm there is usually enough these days. I had to get a little more creative when he was armed with the pinkys!". Classic!!!!

case bmx magazine bmx 2010 issue 3
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, july 2010: Who would have thought CASE BMX, the free BMX magazine would make it to issue number three. Well, Mike and his crew of course. And dealing with some strong magazine competition in the UK and the popularity of the internet hasn't turned the Case crew down one bit. The new issue has lots to offer and with a new designer, it also got a new look. UK BMX shops should have the new issue in their store this week with the USA following in a week or so. Issue #3 has got:
-Tom Davis article
-Casselberry report
-4Down road trip
-Matt Priest
-Chris Hardy
-Warren Daniel
-Lima & Pipe
-Chester Blacksmith
-Shitluck article

rob castle case bmx magazine bmx november 2010 issue 4 - november 2010
Jimmy Levan, www.facebook.com, october 2010: The new issue of CASE Magazine from England just came not only rocking Metal Bikes rider Rob Castle on the cover, but Metal team mate Chris Wilson has a 4 page interview as well! Stoked to see the dudes do their shit!

case bmx magazine bmx issue 5
This issue is packed with trail content amongst everything else.
Featureing Mark Vos, an Anthem II piece, Mike Ardelean/I path shoes, a few tales from Hazelwood trails and a hell of a lot more.

Netley, blog.defgrip.net: Our designer Louis was screen printing some of his personal work and decided to see how the cover image looked. We were all into how it turned out so quite literally thought ‘fuck it’ We’ll run a screen printed front cover.

Anthem. Mark Noble worked on this one for quite some time with Stew and it turned out great. All designed in black and white, just like the video and filled with amazing photography and some great words from Mark and Stew.

Build the woods. Richard Homer ran a photo competition on his trail based website; build the woods. We decided to run the winning image in the new issue and decided to interview Rich about the site at the same time.

Hazelwood. Brian yeagle worked behind the lens and photographed his riding/digging buddies doing what they do best. The end result of 6 pages of beautiful photographs and 5 random stores about Hazelwood trails.

Mark Vos. I flew to Amsterdam to work with Mark Vos on a full interview for the mag. Mark kills it. Nuff said.

case bmx magazine bmx issue 6
case bmx magazine bmx issue 7
Inside issue 07 you will find…
Mark Mulville interview
Profile Europe roadtrip
DUO UK trails trip
The Deluxe trip venture to France
… … Marcas Grubbs interview
Brandan Pundai reflects
King Of Southsea
The 2011 Decoy trails jam
and lots lots more