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Chopper e' la prima ed unica rivista italiana 100% freestyle bmx.
La rivista e' gratuita. Chopper si finanzia con la pubblicità (Italian distributors of Etnies, Carhartt, WUP, and others, ...)
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 2000: Language: Italian.
Rating: * /5
The Italian squad get one star for effort. In a country where the freestyle scene is really small and the core guys need to do everything, producing a magazine is really hard. There is little support from bicycle companies to advertise, there are only a few riders in Italy, the spots might not be the greatest, but a magazine can get people stoked on BMX. Lorenzo and his friends feel that there is a growth in freestyle, they feel it's coming and they are prepared for it. Support Chopper!
00 numero 0 - aprile 2000
Andrea Mazzola on the cover.
Chopper was born like funzine, and a little crew make it.
01 numero 1 - septembre 2000
Manlio Iaccarino on the cover.
This issue was made like a magazine (with all format in multicolor A4, good paper etc... 1500 copies)
Dirt and Love Contest
Team Vans Mexico
Itw Manlio Laccarino
American Flatland League
02 numero 2
Andrea Menegatti on the cover.
2000 X-games.
Italian championship.
Alp Challenge.
Mazzola Interview.
03 numero 3
Federico Ventura on the cover.
Basilea Christmas.
Fise Palavas.
A. Menegatti Interview.
04 numero 4
Alex Barbero on the cover.
Chopper crew stopped it with this issue due to money and time problem (every of this guys was making it for fun not as a job).
Manlio, www.wup-bmx.com, january 2004: At the moment nobody are interested to restart this mag, but I think it will be a good thing to have a "National" mag.