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Magazine from Japan.
degree bmx vol.0 Vol.0
www.woozybmx.com, 2006: degreebmx is a zine from japan and it looks really, really good. street and ramp riding is growing a lot in japan and this zine showcases this fact. from what i know japan is just fu*king awesome. get this zine !
degree bmx vol.1 Vol.1
Kotaro Tanaka interview.
Moto Ground Force
degree bmx vol.2 Vol.2
www.fatbmx.com, february 2007: When walking the streets of Tokyo Travis Collier took us o a BMX/skate shop in town where I was given a copy of a Japanese BMX magazine called DegreeBMX. It's always nice to see new magazines even if it's impossible to read Japanese. Volume 2 sets you back 300 JPNYEN (3 Canadian bucks according to Travis). What you get is an A5 size full colour glossy BMX 'zine with a Marbow spotlight, Repo on the King of Ground, Endpoint 81, Rollin' on stage skate vibes, Respect the roots, E-news, Product section and more. Next to the good portion of flatland coverage it also has its fair share of ramp/street riding. The man in charge is Hajime Yamazaki
degree bmx vol.3 Vol.3 - "concrete issue"
endpoint81 round 3
degree bmx vol.4 Vol.4 - "photo issue"
Color, A4 size, 40 pages, 300 yen included tax.
Session "Okinawa"
Spot Light: Daisuke Maja
Event report: Redbull Circle of Balance, endpoint81 Round 1, KOG Round 1
Interview: 2 photograhers, Yasuyuki "Green-G" Takeo, Hajime Yamazaki
How to: how to shoot photos!