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dave@fastlanebmx.com, december 2008: The magazine is all finished and looks mint. What we have covered is mainly a healthy run down from last year's Major Races so it is a timeless and special edition. It is a magazine that not only the current crop of riders will cherish but one that would make BMX racing look so cool that the world and his wife would want to get there snap on! The plan was to get enough advertisers to pay for the printing... A hard job when most people like to see a finished product before they commit to it. Or failing that they at least want to see it in print before they pay for an advertisement. So how did I do... Well I managed to generate just over .......... pounds in advertising, I also have British cycling paying to contribute, And I've also got this far. We have chosen the printers who have done us a very good price on the printing. Tthis has given us some top quality paper and a thick gloss cover, the price for this is £...........for 3000 copy's. So far I have managed to get just over .......... up front from your more committed advertiser's (the ones you see at the races) I have also added £....... myself. If I had all the money in from everyone you would all be reading it now. A few of the Advertisers, your in office guys who never turn up track side are being
a bit we want to see it in print and want 30 days, So they are the ones really kind of holding it up, Not their fault, they don't realize it and I can understand there way of thinking and I don't hold it against them, As normally a established magazine would run with 30 days. But this also makes it a catch twenty two. It is a shame it works like this, But it also shows me the advertisers who have faith in me and a real love for their sport and the other guys it wouldn't matter if they were selling socks! Another hick up was we wanted to pay the printers half now then half when printed, We could of made that target and had it out before Christmas but then we got told on Monday this couldn't happen and we now need to pay it all up front first. So if I haven't bored you to much and I'm nearly done, I have been working my arse of so I could get the rest of the money my self to cover the rest of the needed funds, I am only human and with Christmas stopping work it has been un achieveable now this year. Sad Thing is I even got all the money up to night but Like I say the printers finish for Christmas on the 19th so please don't think I'm unprofessional, I'm Just a Human and I miss my bike!! So a January launch is This way to go we also get to have a launch party this way! I hope you can all understand the situation and I feel I'd like you all to know whats going on. It kinda feels good to get this of my chest and I'm sorry I couldn't achieve the December deadline. I hope you don't think I've let you down or am mad. I'd also like to thank these guys especially so far: Ollie from KUWAHARA, Mark from Groove, Rich from Urbanair, Mike from Dialled bikes, British Cycling, Martin from BIG DADDY CUSTOM PLATES, Jon from K-124, Phil from Tibbs Cycles, Alan from guessed it Alan's bmx, This is for going the extra mile (this will be remembered at the launch party and in future editions).
kelvin batey fastline bmx 01 issue 1 - december 2008
www.fastlanebmx.com, december 2008: The first ever FASTLANEBMX cover shot goes out to Kelvin Batey, School teacher by day and British bmx Champion by erm..day.. Along with the cover shot taken during his win at this years Brits we have a full 4 page interview on the people's champ, Of course we also have the full run down from this years hot and spectaculer British BMX championships. To the right of the cover you can see the kind people at K124 (KOXX)are giving away the chance to win an awesome race bike with one easy question. We hope to make this a regular feature and competion a bike out every issue.
Big Kelvin Batey interview, This is a cracking read for anyone with a twitch of interest into the mind of a BMX champion.
Along with Kelvin we tracked down a very busy BMX olympian Miss Shanaze Reade, We fired her with 10 random quickies about what she is up to right now. Shanaze will be back for sure with a more in depth interview in issue 2 along with many other top riders.
The gallery will be a reguler feature with first class images from all fields... race tracks and anywhere else we ride our bikes, which here at fastlane we all do , We are also lucky enough to have some of the finest race and bike photographers currently on the scene, With this in mind for the gallery we have included a pull out poster for those bedroom walls or just to brighten up the workshop.
www.fastlanebmx.com, december 2008: BMX racing will dominate the magazine, And with the British Cycling National Series being the pinnacle of UK racing, we have teamed up with them to bring you first class reports and infomation hot of the press as it happens!! We also of course will be covering a few regional affairs so don't forget to smile and look lively folks!! 2009 will also see us take fastlane and you across the water for some hot european racing rounds , This will be with a UK race crew so should be fun..More details to follow on that... As well as 8 on a gate, We are also big fans of 4, Just like BMX racing 4cross also rocks our world, And with a lot of riders currently doing both this can only be a good thing, We have some contributer's who live and breathe this stuff, so loads to look forward to on the 4cross front as well,We don't stop there either, We love bikes, We love mud and we want what you want!
liam phillips fastline bmx 02 issue 2 - spring 2009
www.fastlanebmx.com: This really is the content issue with interviews, reviews, race reports, product tests, race dates, pro bikes, stories of old and new, it has the lot, this puppy will keep you on the pan for sure... The Fastlane Issue 2 spring edition cover shot goes out to Olympian BMX racer Liam Phillips, we also have an awesome 4 page interview with the man him self. While we are talking of interviews we also have some in depth Q&A's with Sir Dale Holmes and Scott Boom boom Beaumont,The 10 quick questions this time have gone out to T J Bomber Baldwin. The race reports are coming in thick and fast with coverage from all over the UK, Europe and America. Tulsa USA National Championships/Grands 2008. The South Winter round up and much much more... We take to the roads with the Dialled bikes road trippers.. No one way driving here! We give you a run down on what tyres are cutting the mustard and review some bars, grips, seats, freewheels... ,The pro bike section features Groove fastlane rider and shop owners Mark Seaman's Awesome tricked out Koxx, This is one rad bike with all the bling and colour coded to an inch of its life. ,The last of the samples is a look in to some of the teams you will find hanging around at the race tracks, We kicked of this issue with the Kuwahara race team. We really have up the game and so have you in creating an awesome edition, now go buy on line or hit up one of our stockists and help keep the wheels turning... fastlane
fastline bmx 03 issue 3 - summer 2009
www.fastlanebmx.com: We're bringing you the latest in UK action: BMX nationals, 4X nationals, a smattering of national downhill and a drop of trails stirred in with some hot US action. Coat in a light euro sauce and cook. Then get Gordon Ramsey to come and wave his hands about violently while calling everyone a @&%*! Fastlane issue 3 has our first ever 4X cover and it goes out to the awesome Dan Atherton. World class four-cross and downhill racer Dan gave us a fantastic in-depth interview along some prime shots from photographers Jacob Gibbons and Mark lee-singh. Next up is Jared Graves, Jared competes in world 4X and downhill, But he's as equally at home racing the smaller wheeled bikes, BMX racing at the Olympics in Beijing good enough for you.
Another great in-depth fastlane interview! TJ Bomber Baldwin: In-depth interview with the man who puts the bomb in BMX, We caught up with TJ at Burnham BMX nationals for this one. Also be sure to keep your eye out for the Bombers van, Its fastlane"d" up to the max! Before we hit the race samples, I want to introduce another Dave to the Dave crew. (Dave Douglas) Dave is a knowledgeable trails builder and rider from as far back as when Bar end was originally called the pits and we all had fringes... Dave or Davros as he is known amongst friends also documents this life style, So with awesome photography and design and in-side info on all that is trails, Welcome aboard Dave 3. So we've got some trails to throw in the mix, but here at fastlane racing is our game. And now the season is well under way we have got coverage from all the latest national BMX and 4X to date. Kicking of with Some hot BMX action from Derby and Burnham. To accompany this we have some mint photography from James Alexander and Spencer Moret, Words have been supplied by Dale Holmes and Rebbecca Ranson. Along with covering the UK BMX national race series, we have our paps out at some of the regional races, Billy Wright are roving photographer has also been across the pond again bringing us some hot Dallas action..But did he find JR? So with loads of BMX going down and the 4X season now well under the way, We have the best reports and pics to date from rounds 1,2 and 3 from the UK national 4X series. We also take a trip to Belgium for some world 4X racing reporting with photographer and journo Mike Lee-singh. Just to spice the the soup a little we peppered in a little UK National downhill, With words from the organizers and images from Andy Dunwoody and Scotland's finest Ian Linton, It had to be done. If you want more and want to spread the love, then please go buy the real deal from our many fine stockists or buy here on line today. The magazine now comes in a fresh clear envelope with exclusive fastlane and southern downhill stickers, the first few hundred also get some AXO, Descent gear and No limits stickers!! We are growing at an amazing rate with advertisers really embracing the mag now, So go shop with these guys, they are the ones supporting your sport and making fastlane happen! I'd also like to thank our many contributors, Photographers and you who buy the magazine. THANK YOU!
fastline bmx 04 issue 4 - november 2009
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2009: Just when you think you know about all the BMX magazines that exist on the planet I got surprised by the existence of Fastlane BMX racing magazine. In fact, I got a copy from Mark at the Cycle Show in London. It had a 4X photo on the cover but the new issue has a BMX racing picture on the front. I rather use that one before you think that Fastlane is a mountain bike magazine. But as Mark put it, it's all bikes isn't it? Well, maybe for some, but not for all. If you can't handle an MTB photo in a BMX mag than Fastlane is not for you, but most of the content is about BMX, or rather BMX RACING! With Ride UK not covering the race scene any longer the UK needed an alternative. They're at issue number 4 now (the Marcus Bloomfield cover) and this issue has interviews with Roy van den Berg, Marcus Bloomfield, Andy Ruffell and Clarke & Kent. Next to that they've got a report from the BMX race world's in Australia, the Cheddar European series, nationals reports from Peterborough, Manchester and Bournemouth and a write-up about the Deluxe road trip. Price: 3 quid.

www.fastlanebmx.com: This issues cover goes out to Marcus Bloomfield and Ray Van Den Berg grilling Cheddar,(sorry) you also might have notice we have opted for a patriot red white and blue theme. We chose this shot because we have 2 great interviews with these awesome racers, they also are hitting up the track a lot of you will be racing tomorrow, in the background you can see our good friends at EA pure "towers". Yep its a box ticker for me, So first of our samples is the opening 2 pages of the Marcus "Bloomy" Bloomfields in-depth interview, this guy needs no introduction and gave us a genuine answer on gating... Next on the gate is Roy Van den Berg, Top Dutch racer and a pretty wild guy, we set Mad Ady on a quest for answers? ..The result ... available in fastlane 4. So while were on a bit of a foreign feel how about a trip to the Australian BMX Worlds in Adelaide. With stunning images from BMXmania's Jerry Landrum, Words from our very own world champ Marco and Mad Ady this is the future. Blasting back to the past we have an outstanding 4 page Andy Ruffell interview featuring yet unseen shots. this interview to me is priceless and something I am personally very proud off, We chat about about life past and present and the shape of BMX back then and now. We even managed to get him to answer the forum questions courtesy of bmxtalk users . what one's did we print and did he ever want tuff's? its all in fastlane 4. So slap bang up to date with a sample from our intensive British Cycling nationals coverage reports, These all have awesome unseen shots from the leneses of the finest BMX race photographers to date, Yer go Spence, James, Abi and Bill you make it happen, But if your not content with the Nationals or Worlds we've also got a splash of European and regional racing going on, do we go up north.. yep we hit up Scotland and I mustn't forget we got the redhill 4X covered thanks to the Butcher and Dunwoody... issue 4... OK its not Scotland but we love Manchester and this shot is mint! Its also where the roosters from. He's our man currently taking a lot of pressure of the 2 Dave's. The man is a legend and has helped take the mag to new heights, the content has gone from strength to strength with team profiles from the stay strong team and Urban Air, Cal and Chloe give you the low down on some bikes and bits as well a an update on all that is bmx racing. We also caught up with a couple of US pro's who hit up our shores, Billy Luckhurst flips over backwards for us on a quick ten the list goes on. So after all that excitement and to chill you out we thought we'd end with this superb offering from our residential trails guru, Now they decided to have them self a little Deluxe trip and along the way they met a dog who is going to be the next biggest thing in BMX.. well that might not be true but Mr D 3 has come up trumps with a visit to the Murry jam on route, you know this is going to be good.. now wheres the directions, anyone got a map... This is only a very small sample of what I personally feel is the best magazine we have produced to date, It really is up to you now to spread the love and make this grow, every one involved is either a rider, racer or parent of such like and has given there services for free, The Advertisers pay for the printing, so to make this grow and to keep the wheels turning do you bit. Buy the mag, go shop with the advertisers and say we sent you.
fastline bmx 04 issue 5 - december 2009
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2009: Fastlane magazine has made it to issue 5. The British BMX racing magazine is gearing up towards the 2012 BMX Olympic Games in their home country which should help keeping the mag printed. It's a great cover shot and for 3 pound fifty you can get a copy and read the following articles:
-The Brits
-Win an Intense bike
-Tire test
-From Strength to Strength
-2010 bikes outlined
-Interviews with Alan Hill, Kyle Evans, Ayesha McIelland and Shanaze Reade
-Frejus UCI BMX SX report
-Interview with Sam Willoughby
-Chula Vista UCI BMX SX report
It's a 100% race filled issue.

www.fastlanebmx.com: Fastlane 5 lined up on the gate for a 100% race filled issue, inside we have quite a few cover worthy riders. So to keep it fair I decided to run this shot taken at this year’s British Championships, UK BMX racing at its best.
To continue the Brits theme let’s crack straight into some samples from our awesome 10 page Brits report. Not only do we have the shots that count, we have a full run down from the Rooster and word’s from you the racers. And Of course it would be rude not to to print the full results.
Masses of quality photos,(Spencer Moret) design to die for,(Sprock) fastlane5 has it all. 100% BMX racing from cover to cover, not content with the Brits we also have a regional round up from the people in the know, yep we got your region!
Riders eye view the brits sample
Other big reports include some supercross from Frejus and Chula Vista,(shots:Jerry Landrum). Mad Ady gives us "words from the edge of his seat" while Marcus Bloomfield shares his exclusive diary on both.
Staying in forign lands we catch up with Australian Sam Whilloughby for an in-depth interview, Dale Holmes was the man asking the questions, and we got all the answers.. and yep we have him in red too.
Shanaze Reade is another rider under the fastlane spot light, We find out what the girls been up too, how she dealt with the Olympic dream and what's next for the queen of BMX...
Staying on the interview vibe we also hook up with Alan Hill, Ayesha Mclelland and Kyle Evens...
From strength to strength: Marco Dellisola fill us in on all that is Stay Strong.
2010 race bikes and frames as well as some funky fresh products get the low down all in fastlane 5
Tyres, tyres and tyres... We test them and give you the answers you want to hear, we also put some Carbon goodies on the scales
Also be quick to order your mag we are giving away an INTENSE race bike with the winner to be announced here on new years day.!
So thats a small sample of a 100% action packed BMX racing magazine
We want you to see this in the flesh so I’m not going to show you everything that dawns the pages of this here awesome mag, But let me tell you it’s a belter, A few deaths, a few near misses and a few new babies along the way have all been part of this, So we want to thank you all for making the dream a reality so far and we look forward to bringing you an even bigger and better fastlane BMX racing magazine in 2010. But for now it’s time to sit back and let the festive session kick in... Merry Christmas and let’s make 2010 a winner

Sometimes due to the quality of the magazine a lot of people think we are a massive publishing company, this is not the case the people at fastlane have all given their time free of charge to make this magazine, I’m sure your agree they have all done a cracking job and possess outstanding skills in their chosen fields. With it being Christmas why not leave them a message of good will, show them we care