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Country: USA
5 issue 5 - april 2000 (1)
Dave McDaniel at the Mutt jam in october '99 on the cover.
Interviews with Stephen Cerra, Mutt, Effraim Catlow and Andy Cooper.
Lake "Have a sue" B3 round 1.
Mutt jam L.A. style '99.
AFL comp #1 Harbor City, California.
Placings from previous events.

2000 copies in circulation.
http://sites.netscape.net/groundworkzine: Ground Work Zine is a zine for the Flatlander. A bmx trick rider.
Dedicated to riding and not caring what others think. Motivated to learn more tricks. Excelerating in knowledge. This zine comes back from the Oldskool. There are other zines out there. I support all zines'. If you want to sell your zine through me, you're more than welcome. If you want to cover riders in your town or where the spot is, I'll be more than happy to post that info. So stop reading this and go out and RIDE ! JUST RIDE!!!!
6 issue 6
Barrio Games
CFB Perris, CA.
B3 Anaheim, CA.