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Sources: www.lookingglassbmx.com, www.fatbmx.com, Dwix, ...
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Founders: Dennis Stancavich
Country: USA
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2002: Yes, another magazine on the shelves. Any different ? Yes indeed. Looking glass is not at all interested in covering the contest scene. In fact, you can pick up a copy of the $4,= mag at any time and read it. That's pretty good if you ask me.
Looking Glass is about what BMX is to a lot of us. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression, art, traveling, discovering and meeting new friends. Rob Dolecki takes care of most of the pics and that's a very good thing, his pics are original and colourful. Dennis Stancavich is taking care of the words and making sure the whole puzzle is put together.
Ben Price, www.sunrisebmx.com: This is a magazine started by Dennis Stancavish from animal. It is a unique look at BMX and other aspects of our lives. It has super nice photos and articles from pros and other cool stuff. It has some how-tos and some road trip coverage. Overall it super nice. They only have an issue coming out once every 4 months or so, but its wortyh it. Support them so they can get big like ride.
Taj Mihelich, www.terribleone.com, november 2002: We got the new Looking Glass BMX magazine from Dennis Stancavish. He did a really dam nice job for the first issue. It's a very refreshing look at the BMX lifestyle, and not just BMX tricks. I really enjoyed the indepth Vic Murphy interview. You should be able to check it out at BMX shops, or write to them at:
PO BOX 519, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407. An issue is $4 and a subscription is $12.
1 issue 1 - 2002
Mark Lewman discusses Go! and the Mat Hoffman biography "The Ride of My Life",
Some thoughts and photos accumulated by Ryan Worcester,
An ode to the late great Philly riding spot Love Park,
Find out what The Gonz sees in his dreams and what kind of music he likes or more appropriately doesn't,
The legendary Vic Murphy drops some knowledge on ya,
Chris Rye talks about life, bikes, and two really tall buildings that are no longer standing,
Meet some rippers from Argentina and France,
and more...
2 issue 2 - 2003
Dwix: En couverture, c'est Rick Kraft pris par Dolecki.
Il n'y a pas vraiment de sommaire dans ce magazine, c'est un peu particulier: il y a des dessins, pas mal de photos de Dolecki...En vrac, il y a une sorte d'interview sur crimethinc (www.crimethinc.com), "paradise.lost.asbury.park.nj" par Dolecki avec deux photos de Van Homan et Bob Scerbo, un entretien avec Will Taubin, rider russe immigré je crois sur la réalité du rêve américain, une discussion avec Leif Valin sur le design,"a place calling Chapas" par Dolecki et un port folio de Dolecki plus 2-3 trucs encore space que j'ai pas pigé.