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Sources: www.reverb54.com/movement, www.fatbmx.com, www.geocities.com/sleepyzine/,...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
Founder, editor, publisher, art director, ...: Dan Heilbrunn.
Country: Canada.
sleepy 1 Here's the first issue of Sleepy (maga-zine?) It's called Sleepy after one of my favorite songs and 'cause when I first started it. I only had time to work on it late at night, and I was falling a sleep half the time. I'm making this 'zine for fun. I don't have to suck up to advertisers or sensor anything that I write. You'll probably find a few spelling mistakes, but take it.

Alistair Whitton on the cover.
Axel Jurgens, short videos reviews, Woodward, an interesting Stew Johnson interview, Colombia scene, Skatespace Toronto 2001, zine replacement story by Brian Tuney, ...
February 2002: issue 2 is out. Included is the long awaited Joe Rich interview, and some other stuff.
Sleepy zine is becoming Movement.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2002: Movement is a Canadian publication made by Dan Heilbrunn and a whole bunch of contributors that were willing to help out making the first issue a reality. I can see how stoked Dan was with the first issue. It's always nice when a plan comes together.
The magazine counts 32 pages. 18 before the poster (John Bristol interview), and 14 after. How the hell that is possible, I don't know. The pictures are nice. The paper quality kinda gives it an underground look. Black and white on non-glossy paper. Dan didn't seem to have problems finding people interested in the mag as the artsy fartsy contributor list is long and the advertisements fill more than 1/3rd of the mag.
It looks to me that the magazine is made for the right reasons. It's by riders, for riders. Even better, it's free so you can't get ripped off.
October 2002: Movement BMX magazine is a new free publication from Canada. Together with Chase that makes two free BMX magazines from up North.
movement 1 volume one issue one - summer fall 2002
Chris Hallman interview
Drinking for 5 bucks
Alliance Bike Co profile
Sandy Carson's photography
John Bristol interview
Bio: Devin Hurley
Scallie: Ben Lewis
Express yourself.
movement 2 volume one issue two - august 2003
The new issue of Movement should be in shops as you read this. On this issue's cover is Scottish Texan Sandy Carson and the photo is shot by Jared Souney. I just thought of something: It took 3 vegetarians to make that cover. Between the riding, the photography and the design there was enough tofu to drown a small child.

As you can also see we also have a new website. If you can't tell Im a fan of the whole rabbit theme. I have a feeling that this website will be easy to update and it will stay like this for a while. fuck, I say that everytime and then I get bored. The Nails in the Coffin section is where we will be putting up online articles and a few stories from the print zine. enjoy this issue.