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Quarterly magazine from Australia.
Editor: Chris Pollack.
Publisher: Bullseye Media Publishing, PTY LTD.

Chris Pollack, march 2007: Rebelyell is collaborated by riders/artists who thrive on the lifestyle of bmx. The direction is a fresh new style, keeping readers more informed about the personalities within the bmx scene with creative writing, high end photography and design. Rebelyell is targeting the niche market of BMX with the latest 'gun' riders but also spicing it up by incorporating the many other aspects of the lifestyle such as fashion, music, reviews and culture to complete the ?book feel? like publication which will also appeal to most people interested in the modern street culture of today. The magazine is a quarterly 120 page, 300/130gsm solid stock, book bound publication.
rebelyell bmx magazine 01 issue 1, the persona issue - summer 2006 2007
Chris Pollack, march 2007: This issue is based heavily on teh personalities of bmx in AUS.
Feature interviews - Pete Radivo and Ben Pigot
The Riders proffession - Blue collar, White collar (riders and their day jobs)
Bio section - Article on mini interviews with some of australias most influuencial riders.
End of Violence - Buljtens story (an in-depth story into the life of a scottish rider who lived a violent upbringing and found bmx to save his life.
A shoe print in history - the history of Vans
Along with the many usual features such as fashion, reviews and photo gallery.

www.fatbmx.com, november 2006: RebelYell BMX magazine is a team made up of riders who are also photographers, writers and designers who share a thirst for BMX, travel, art, music and life. They have been in the sport for a long time and have seen BMX go through its ups and downs. So finally after a long time waiting, they have set sail to build RebelYell BMXMAG, a medium to document the very essence of riding and its many unique personalities. The RebelYell team has set out to create a rider's magazine that tells it how it is, leaving nothing for interpretation and showing all aspects of riding and its "lifestyle". They don't see any other way of living like they do... rolling on 20's!!! The aim is to create every issue as individual as the characters that fill the pages. That is where the magazine's appearance is very important to them. RebelYell doesn't want the atistic interpretation and the rider's perspectives to suffer. First issue will be out on December 1st. through Bullseye Media Publishing, PTY LTD.
rebelyell bmx magazine 02 issue 2 - fall 2007
The Destination Issue - Nowhere fast but fast to anywhere.

Chris Pollack, march 2007: This issue will motivate you to pick up your bike and hit the road.
Stories of riders with interesting travel adventures plus plenty of visual imagery of places and faces to motivate any lover of travel and bmx.
Feature interviews - Liam Fahy-hampton and Louise Reeves
The riders transportation - an interesting look into riders choice of transport
Travel stories - plenty to read about these extensively travelled riders and tales.
Not weird just different - (a black and white visual photo journey of places, faces and bmx...no words!!!)
Along with the many usual features such as fashion, reviews and photo gallery.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2007: Rebelyell have managed to get on top of my favorite BMX magazine list within publishing only two issues. Damn it's good. It's way more than a magazine. It's more of a book that you find at a book store than a BMX magazine that you find a the newsstand. The quality of the paper and the pictures is great and the layout fits well. When people look for a stylish magazine that gives them a feeling that BMX is more of a lifestyle than a sport, look no further, it's RebelYell. They've done it.
Featured articles: Loose, Confused and hopeful - Chalk and cheese - The kids are not alright' - What is travel. travel tales told - Burnouts, Blow-ups & Beach bikes - Not weird, just different.
Let's hope the industry gets behind it as it's hard to believe they can keep publishing a mag this good with the little help they get.
rebelyell bmx magazine 03 issue 3 ‘the Bold issue’ - winter 2007
Your parents have always told you to respect your elders and thats exactly what we have gone and done this time round with issue 3. We have paid respect to those riders that have laid the paths before us in the world of bmx by touching on stories from the old skool. This issue we have also chosen to open up the culture side of things i.e. arts, talents, creative outlets from riders. Mix all these ingredients together and you get the old skool and the Arts issue. ‘The Bold issue’. The two major interviews featured in this issue are on two very different personalities from each other. One embraces harmony and grace while the other destroys grace with violence. We venture into unusual riding terrains, photograph spots unsually, discover hidden talents and explore deeply into the world of one of the most creative arts of riding, Flatland. This issue will surely be a collectors issue. We deliberately touch on topics that don’t get a lot of coverage but entice you into reading on by unfolding some interesting facts that you probably thought you knew all about. Be pleasantly surprised! Plus we got photo overflow in this issue so you have plenty of pics to help inspire you and get you out to ride.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2007: There are some things in life that are too good to be true. I consider Rebelyell a part of it. I'm happy that it has made to the third issue and number four is on its way. Sweet. You see, in this world of money, money, money it's hard to make a full colour quality magazine. Rebelyell is quality, is full colour and somehow they have survived this far without many advertising dollars. The companies that do advertise deserve some respect. Let's just name them for the sake of it: Armadillo, Terrible One, Demolition, Mongoose, Haro and Backbone. That sums up all the full page advertisers of Rebelyell and we're sure that editor Chris Pollack isn't driving a Porsche because of it. Rebelyell deserves support from companies such as Volvo, Gucci, Nescafe, who are used to spending big bucks on quality magazine advertisements. Rebelyell should be available in book stores as it's thick, has the best photos and is stylish. Almost too good to be true for a BMX mag. Let's hope they're here to stay. It would be a pity if it would go down. Support it.
rebelyell bmx magazine 04 issue 4
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2008: The other day I found a DHL slip in the mail. It said they tried to deliver a package from Rebelyell in Australia. I was bummed because it knew it was an issue of Rebelyell that I had not sen yet. To make things worse, there was a weekend in between so I had to wait till Monday before it would show up. Rebelyell magazines are that good! I get excited when I have it in my hands. It's more of a piece of art than a random BMX magazine. Just look at the cover. Not your average bright turndown photo that will sell the mag at the newsstands, is it? If you're your own publisher and have other priorities than making a lot of money by selling a lot of magazines, you can do these kind of things. But you need to have the talent too. The Rebelyell crew once again impressed me with the Random issue. The quality of the paper and the pics is incredible and the articles and layout go along with it. We're proud to have a FATBMX ad in there and maybe you should show some love towards Chris Pollack and his crew too. Life isn't all about winning and making quick money. Rebelyell's got it down. Love it.
www.fatbmx.com, april 2008: Issue number 5 of RebelYell has gone to print and will be out in mid May. Chris Pollack has now taken over the publishing duties by forming his own independent publishing company 'Bullseye Media'
rick hayward rebelyell bmx magazine 05 issue 5
1000 Words Issue - the photo issue. More photos than your mama's had TV dinner's.

temperedthebrand.blogspot.com, june 2, 2008: Chris Polack from RebelYell just emailed over the latest issue of his magazine, we already have it at the shop and man this issue is dam good. Issue 5 (photo issue) content: Worlds biggest photo gallery!!! One million photos to look at and stick on your wall. Well not really one million but close to it. Also coverage of the bmx games but from a different angle, check it out to see how the 'behind the scenes' events of the bmx games is sometimes more enjoyable than the actual riding going on. Rick Hayward on the cover with a no hander fakie tree ride. Available now from good Bike stores and end of the week at newsagency's.
liam fahy-hampton rebelyell bmx magazine 06 issue 6
Open Road Issue. Liam Fahy-Hampton scores the cover with this wild toothpick grind.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2008: Plenty of BMX magazines to choose from these days. Zwanzig Zoll, Soul, DIGBMX, Session, Cream, Sahtel, RIDE UK, 2020, FreedomBMX, RIDEBMX, BMX Plus! and then there is also the internet, DVD's and all that good stuff. Nothing short of BMX info for you. The new issue of RebelYell is out as well and these babies are always worth checking out. The Open Road issue has the following content:
-An in depth Interview with Simon Obrien—one of the world’s best flatlanders, period—and shot on some scenic locations.
-Another 16 page in depth interview with Leigh Gaison about bmx, business and life from a grimey riders point of view.
-MTV / Toyota / BMX MAFIA and Rebelyell hit the road to film a show about being young, dumb and full of…?
-REDBULL Dirt Pipe comp. Big Tranny’s and dirty lips?
-Black Lotus / Backbone hit the road in search for pipe dreams
-Across the seas to Tasmania to show how a tight group of friends can have fun no matter where they are set due coarse.
-Short blurbs on world travel experiences with some of AUS better known riders.
-Along with the usual reviews, photo gallery and fashionable threads to show your steez—you know you love it!
rebelyell bmx magazine 07 issue 7 - december 2008
Crap issue. Includes FREE 'Steadfast' DVD!!!

First ever full interview with the Drainkids
Thrash for Cash Drains Jam - Beer, Fire and Mayhem
Shit talking Bio's - Lets talk shit!
Rampfest VIP night - first official in-depth photo coverage and behind the scene's story of Australia's newest and largest indoor BMX park.
Plus much much more.....
The new STEADFAST issue 2 DVD is also included with this issue - FREE!!!!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2008: Welcome to Rebelyell's Crap issue. So much shit talking going on these days that they dedicated a whole issue to crap talking. Pretty funny if you think of it. It's issue 7 of Rebelyell magazine and those who have picked up a copy of the mag before, will know it's still worth the AU$ 9.95. It comes with a free Steadfast DVD, and has reports from the Drains Jam in Sydney called Thrash for Cash, Talking Crap is fun article, Shit talking Bio's, Get Fringe or die trying-DK interview, Rampfest, Filth threads (fashion) and a Do Not Crop photo gallery.
rebelyell bmx magazine 08 issue 8 - may 2010
The Hands On issue.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, april 2009: Sometimes you see things in BMX and feel ambarrassed that it is possible to have something like that connected to our lifestyle, or sport or however you want to call what we're doing. Other times you're damn stoked on something and feel proud you're part of it. Although I've got nothing to do with Rebelyell other than delivering a messy FATBMX ad for every issue, I feel proud that BMX can deliver such a magazine. Rebelyell is class. Rebelyell is stylish. The layout is awesome and so are the photos. The style stokes me. So different, but so good. The current issue has the theme "Hands On" and I'm also down with that. Instead of complaining on the web, make stuff happen. Build some jumps, screw some wood together, simply create something good for you and your friends. You've got two hands, right? Use them. Issue number 8 has over 100 pages of quality paper and will cost you $ 9.95 Australian and 12 bucks in NZL.

Russell Brindley and Nick Hills interviews
Self Sufficient: Dark Days, Broken Transmission, Escape from Deliverence.
Pseudo - Reviews of Music/Books - "Get down".
Hotel Wrecking City Traders - "Wild Live Gig"
BMX Games review,
Tim Hales Shredathon Jam.
Fashion -............
Photo Gallery - "Do Not Crop"
rebelyell bmx magazine 09 issue 9 - may 2010
Rebelyell 'the music issue' has gone to a book format.

www.rebelyellbmx.com, may 2010: Presented in a new format of a 'Coffee table book'. Rebelyell has now gone really thick. (in more ways than one) We've jammed in plenty of reading material as well as a shit load of photos that'll keep you going for ages. Feature Interviews are with S&M rider Jamie Mauri, Tempered Bikes rider Jerry Vandervalk and street legend Adrian 'Gonz' Galaz. We interview 'The Offspring' about their involvement with BMX and making videos. We investigate the youth-marketing feeding frenzy with its trends and interests with music and alternatiave sports. We cover the involvement of music and its close ties to BMX. We talk to riders who play in bands, create music for themselves and who are generally inspired by music. Rebelyelll hits the West Coast of Australia documenting the many talents Perth and the surrounding areas have to offer including a visit to ride the famous 'Wave Rock'. Anything and everything about music and BMX is covered in this issue and its by far the thickest issue we've done so far. 200 pages of BMX goodness to help keep you well inspired while rocking your bike.