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After Canada's Chase BMX magazine folded, David Hawthorne got to work and developed R.E.D. (Ride Every Day).
David Hawthorne (editor), june 2005:
RED BMX Magazine is the Canadian BMX art, life, and cultural magazine. We cover local and national BMX events coast to coast, contests, park openings, video premiers, BMX bands, and parties. We interview Canadian Pros, personalities, and local rippers. We cover the BMX scenes in Canadian cities, in scene reports and roadtrip articles. RED BMX Magazine presents exhilarating photography, including feature articles with the best underground and internationally accomplished Canadian BMX photographers. We are a voice of, and an insightful look into Canadian BMX. We publish twice a year, once in the spring/summer, and again late summer/fall.
red bmx 01 first issue - august 2004
Dave Osato interview, Street Justice 2004, Roi du Quebec finals, Winnipeg reality check, The Photography Al Shantz, and music check with Jason Enns.
matt beyers red bmx 02 issue 2 - spring 2005
Matt Beyers on the cover.
The Toronto Metro Jam,
An Interview with Ken Dowdle,
Sound Check with Rob Sigaty,
The Photography of Ken Paul.
Available June 1, 2005.

Chris, www.tenpackbmx.com, june 2005: It took a little while for David to get Issue 2 of RED Magazine (Ride Every Day) out, but he's been working on lots of stuff in the background, like setting up distribution channels across the country in both retail stores and bike shops. RED Mag should be available across the country in 7-11's, Chapters and independent bookstores within a week, and if they don't have it, bug your local shop to get 'em in, because we're distributing them too. Go to the new products page to see what's in this issue of the mag. We've teamed up with RED and are giving away a pair of the Limited Edition 10th Anniversary LD/Orchid shoe in a subscription contest, so there's never been a better time to subscribe.
red bmx 03 issue 3
Travis Collier.
Street Justice.
red bmx 04 issue 4
red bmx  05 issue 5 - summer fall 2006
red bmx 06 issue 6 - summer 2007
red bmx 07 issue 7 - fall 2007
May 2008, Red BMX, the Canadian BMX magazine, has ceased production of it's print magazine but will continue to do web stuff.
David Hawthorne, Publisher/Editor/Writer/Photographer/Adsalesman/Designer of Red BMX Magazine, may 2008: The print edition of Red BMX Magazine is packing it in. I’ve been doing it for four years, but it’s run it course. There are various reasons why, like print costs going up as the cost of oil rises, or the constant challenge to offer something the internet can’t do better, or the fact that I’m feeling tired and want to ride my bike more. After everything is said and done, Red did accomplish more than I expected. It sold almost 5000 copies per issue, and was read by a lot more BMXers in Canada than I thought lived in Canada. It also gave voice to the work of Canadian BMX journalists, the photographers and writers, and of course showed the Canadian BMX communities they wrote about, and shot photos of. Red will continue to do this online. Where time, space, and deadlines are not as precious, or expensive. I would like to Thank everyone who has had anything to do with the magazine, especially the contributors, who made it possible to even make the magazine.