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Reinforced is a UK based magazine.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2006: Reinforced magazine is fundamentaly a bmx magazine but will also have small alternate sections like snow, skate, art, breakdancing, bands, urban as well as covering the bigger more well known people, companies and events in bmx. Reinforced will highlight the lesser known companies, events and riders which play just as big a part in sustaining our sport and industry. The Editor Of Reinforced is James Jones, who's roots are in bmx and has seen the sport Grow and change over the years, and has not fallen victim to all the dictatorship of bmx from the larger companies and is working to Reinstall FUN , GOODTIMES and EQUALITY back in to BMX.
James Jones, august 2006: We started Reinforced for two reasons, the first being that 140 pages of just BMX or of just skating is boring and we wanted to mix the content up with a bit of everything.The other drive behind Reinforced is that BMX racing gets totally ignored here in the UK which is not acceptable. BMX racing is now an Olympic sport with a British Team and a lot of kids racing.This said, we will be featuring BMX racing as a very big and important part of our content with interviews, race coverage and news from all round the world. We are extremely excited about the near future of this great part of bmx and its definately one of the main reasons we started this magazine.
James Jones, august 2006: There are 3 main people behind this magazine: BMX James Jones (editor), SKATER Neil Lawson and BMX Mike Bennett but the team is growing all the time....
Photographers are Olaf Pignataro (also of Small Bikes magazine), Nick Grigg, Owen Heard.
reinforced 01 august 2006 - issue 1
Issue 1 is free.
Raleigh Burners, Sappada snowboard, Oden Bikes, DC's Ivan Rodriguez, ... 

Simon Hayes, www.radbmx.co.uk, august 2006: While riding down at Brixton Skatepark I have often seen a local who was totally rad and we got talking the other day. He told me he was starting a Magazine and I thought he meant like a small underground zine. Well today he came and gave me his mag and it is thick,glossy and RAD and covers all types of BMX including RACING and OLD SCHOOL. Although this guy (JAMES JONES) is a full on street rider he said that it was really important to him to feature ALL types of BMX to help the sports evolution. I opened the copy and saw an article on Peckham Track with Leigh and Michael getting air,a piece about Kye,an advertisement for the National Series and a big advert for Dialled Bikes (well done Mike-supporting the sport in every way as usual). There was also a big article on Old School (Raleigh Burners.....) And a piece written by Jamie Staff about the future of training in the BCI.
James tells me next month he is publishing an article on the Worlds. All this as well as Street, Vert, Skating, Snowboarding and FMX (although the mag is predominantly a BMX mag it will cover other sports that have cross over appeal). I have posted this in the hope that the Old School BMX Community will support the first magazine that features our hobby AS WELL AS Racing- go out and subscribe to this magazine so it succeeds.The first few issues in a new magazines life are very important and new businesses are fragile-if we all just "wait and see" it may be too late. Please subscribe now.
issue 2
Issue 2 is going to be the one trust!!!!! TASTERS>>> for issue 2:::::BMX::::: Voodoo flatland jam (miami) Brithish olypic hopes Tony "TWOKO" Watkinson Interview plus tons more.......::::::SKATE:::::: Brooklyn banks Vision Pro, Diego Dural Interview plus tons more grass roots goings on:::::MUSIC::::: The Stero Mc's Interview JSOZ (PDC) interview NUFF Orchestra (seriously good shit) ,album review more later, for now enjoy the vids, it gets better still... oh and we need photographers and writers so if you down then hit me up!! REINFORCED BABY!!!!!...