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The first official mag for BMX collectors.
Put out by gOrk (Scott Barette) and Shannon Gillette with contributions from OM Birdtrap.

Shannon Gillette, www.vintagebmx.com, january 2006: We did a couple different things with Retro Rag. The first issue was handed out at the ABA BMX Museum at the '96 ABA Grands. Gork and I made a total of 200 copies for the event and thought that was way to many. LOL!!!! The first printing has a brown cover. The blue cover is the second printing of the first issue. We did a second issue that is on a white cover. Retro Rag is printed on the top with the old REDLINE script. Fun stuff back then. If you look at the collectors map in the first issue, that is every single collector that we new of to date. Pretty funny by todays standards. I had a bunch of calls at ABA after the ABA Grands in '96. It was cool to meet all the new people that were into the same hobby. Retro Rag was the first attempt to connect the collector crowd and from one little silly hand out it has spread like wild fire.
first issue - november 1996
gOrk-illustrated "pictionary" of the different types of BMX collectors (the "gold miner", the "one-upper" etc)
issue 2