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Zine from Austria made by Alan Zalas.
Alan, march 2005: Sub is only in german language, straight outta Vienna (as i know by far it's the one and only zine that was ever prublished in Austria). Most of the pictures come from Georg Oberlechner but the other pics are from countries all over Europe such as France, Spain, Germany...
It's the same for the articles. Even if most are written by me or some of my viennese friends, there are some from riders from Paris, Peynier, Madrid, Hamburg, Munich (Markus Wilke, Thomas Stellwag, Carlos Maqueda Munoz, Alex Dropsy, etc...). I like to keep it more european, so thats why I wouldnt call it a simple local zine. It's more about friends in different countries with "one similar love".
issue 00 first issue - february 2005
"...some people are couraged, others are afraid to turn the page"

Sub*Urban - Architekturempfinden in Städten;Verändert Bmx die Ansicht von Objekten im urbanen Raum?
Sub*Terran - Ein Ausflug in den kreisrunden Untergrund einer U-Bahnbaustelle
Silence* - Lärm,Stille...inwiefern betrifft uns das? Wortmeldungen von diversen Bmxern wie Alex Dropsy, Stefan Redinius, Thomas Stellwag u.a.
Texas 10 West* - Ein nachdenklicher Text über die Un*Vernunft von Roadtrips mit einem Gastbeitrag von Markus Wilke
Sub*Tones - Daryl Taberski von Snapcase erinnert sich an seine Bmx Zeit bevor er das Mikro in die Hand nahm
Sub*Tunes - obligatorische Musik-Reviews
Sub*til - Gedanken über die Nemesis des Bmx Fahrens. Verletzungen und Ängste...
12 Seiten, A4 Hochformat, s/w

Alan, march 2005: The first issue is my first work on something like that. That's why it's only 12 pages and black and white printed. In this issue, there is an article about a fullpipe adventure, riding bmx in big cities, the (non?)sense of doing roadtrips, reviews, a snapcase interview, the "sound" of riding, an article about getting hurt and fear...and so on and so on...
Alan, february 2006: I have released issue number 2 this fall, in november. I´m running the zine by myself doing the layouts, "distribution", print, getting the shit together and the ideas. Even if this sounds like a one man army it isn't so. Without the help of my friends I would have no inspiration, photos and some of the articles. Without their help doing the zine would be too hard, or nearly impossible in the way I have planned it. Big thanks to them, espacially Georg Oberlechner and Thomi Zronek for pictures and so on.
Since I'm working and studying, I try to release a zine at least once a year. I want quality and no quantity. Thats also why the zine has no "classic zine character" (no dumb stories about drinking and insider jokes). sub* IS independent...
issue 02 issue 2 - november 2005
Alan, february 2006: The contents of #2 are very "versatile". The main topics, in between all the short texts about day in day out riding/thinking are jersey barriers and their use for bikes. (also with texts from Chad Shackelford, Vinnie Sammon, Dennis Stancavish, Timm Wiegmann....) Then there is a text about subway systems all over the world and tipps and experiences about how they are bike friendly and whats important and so on. There's also a text about bmx riding in underprivileged countries (Bulgaria!), a text about spottuning (digging better banks for wallrides, do it yourself concrete quarters.), some thoughts about bmx and egoism (since bmx is a "individual sport"), a Rob-O cartoon, a Matt Coplon interview (profile team manager/former singer of a hardcore band), How to rent a car for roadtrips... There's also a text about the outlook on flatland and street because there seems to be a new "trend" with all the hang 5s and nosemanuals in street lines (with an alexis desolneux interview in it!).

24 pages, fresh layouts, black/white, mostly in german but also some stuff in english.