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Timo, september 2008: Here's the scans from the finnish "Tekniikan Maailma" magazines translated "The World of Technology" etc. The magazine was typically about cars, boats, motorcycles, traffic, hi-fi etc. but they featured all kinds of stuff in their years, skateboards, BMX, mountain bikes etc. etc. the list goes on. These two are the only early finnish articles about BMX/Freestyle ..at least that i know of.
tekniikan maailma 11 1983 The BMX article is from TM 11/1983 titled in finnish "Pyöräcrossin Nuoret Hurjapäät" loosely translated into "The Young Guns of BMX" and it is 5 pages with general introduction about what is BMX and some reviews of the current BMX (racing) bikes of the time, Murray, Yamaha, Motobecane etc...
(scanned by Timo 0809 - download)
tekniikan maailma 13 1987 The other scan is from TM 13/1987 and it is just a one-page introduction article about freestyling in general, featuring pics RL Osborn and Dennis McCoy. It is titled "Huimapäät Vapaalla" which is very loosely translated into "Daredevils On The Loose" etc., lol!!:) In the pics RL is riding for Redline so that tells us the pics are way older than when the article came out.