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Founder: Kieran Chapman.
Country: USA
issue 1 issue 1 - may 1991
Invert august 1991: A short and sweet review, straight to the point, of a new 'zine. Kieran Chapman used to bring out Radazine, and discontinued that project in favour of the new Wire 'zine. Radazine was good, but Wire is way better. Clean layout, killer photos, loads to read, and great artwork. Content for the first issue includes interviews, contest reports from flat/street/ramp events here and there, scene checks, and more of the usual and unusual 'zine stuff. Layout is done on Kieran's college pagemaker computer, and it's really hot. Verdict? Better than BMX Plusi by a mile. Go and order immediately. Write, and send a letter and two dollars (available from your local bank): Kieran Chapman, WIRE, 1003 Oak Hill Ave. Number 6, Attleboro, MA 02703, USA.