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Sources: yeahzine.com, angiemarino.blogspot.fr, Michele Maciejewski, ...
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Editors are Angie Marino and Nina Buitrago.
angiemarino.blogspot.fr: Yeah Zine is a BMX zine that a friend and I created to inspire girls and get female BMX riding out more. In the zine, there are bios, recent travels, photos, injured list, updates, contest info and much more!
yeah bmx zine 01 issue 1
Angie Marino on the cover.
yeah bmx zine 02 issue 2
yeah bmx zine 03 issue 3
Camila Goddy Harambour on the cover.
yeah bmx zine 04 issue 4
Angie Marino jumping at T1 on the cover.
yeah bmx zine 05 issue 5
Brittany Campbell on the cover.
yeah bmx zine 06 issue 6
Yeah zine issue 7
Cover : Perris Benegas
High lights : Perris Benegas, Krys Dauchy, Goods BMX, SLC trip, Sarah Lampert bike check, Leah Brideson in America, Mo and Bohie’s Aussie Adventure, and much more!!!
Artists : Brittany Campbell and Bohie
Yeah zine issue 8
Cover art by Bohie Palecek.
North West X South Mess,
Lindsay and Nina in South America,
Fise 2013,
Camila Harambour Euro Trip.
INRUSH Bicycles.
Photo Gallery : Taiwan.