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New York Hardcore
Released in 1996.

The first video from New York including "The City Jam", "7-11 Trails", "The King of New York Bike Contest Series", Lot's of unknown N.Y. Locals AND of course that video wouldn't be complete without "Robbie Morales" ...
Neighborhood Superheroes
Featuring Will Taubin, Superfly, Dannyboy, Paul Hitner, Phil Bray, Nick Cox, James Brooks, Ashley Charles, Jeff Allen, Ronnie Gaska, Remo, Glenn P.P Milligan and Timmy Strelecki plus a cast of many others.

www.bmx-test.com: I don't like videos with straight riding for an hour. Unless the riding level is crazy, like in Nowhere Fast, I like to see some mischief or humor.
Base Brooklyn Neighborhood Super Heroes is the perfect video for me. If you're from the NYC area, you NEED this video. Many local riders have parts and they visit many local spots. Riders include Luc-E, Butcher, Bobby Fisher, Ralph Sensi, Wormz and many more. It is mainly street, some dirt, and some park. I enjoyed the mini-ramp riding, it opened my eyes to what a biker can do on a 4 foot mini. It is a nice mix of tech and burly. The editing is clean, just what you'd expect from a Glenn P.P. Milligan film. The non-riding parts are hilarious, especially the Waffle House White Trash section.
Altogether, this is a great video. It has everything from great riding to fire cracker mischief to dancing hobos. Buy it.

Ralph Sinisi in Neighborhood superheros.

Will Taubin's section from neighborhood superheroes.

Glenn P.P. Milligan's section from neighborhood superheroes.
Glenn, 2007: This is my only video section it's like 7 years old and I still suck...