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The first of a series from Jason Brown. The music sucks. The biking is great, there is some ramp riding in it too, but not much, it is mostly flatland. There is some funny stuff in it too. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Featuring flatland wizards Jason Brown, Andrew Faris and Jamie McIntosh.
Directed by Jason Brown
Flat riders in this video include: Cory Stratychuk, Andrew Farris, Dan Rigby, Jason Brown, Stephane Rayer, Alex Jumelin, Jamie Mcintosh, Nathan Penonzek, Effraim Catlow, and a brief spot by Chase Gouin.

Brian, www.theflatlander.com: Jason Brown's chronology of the walkman-clad, flatland virtuosos from the Great North continues with Canadians III. This video is absolutely loaded with some of the most difficult flat tricks and combos to date, all pulled off with the deep concentration and nonchalant, blasé attitude for which these gifted riders are often known. The way in which they make their moves look so easy is what's hardest to comprehend. There's also plenty of street and dirt to mix it up. Highlights include a Cory Stratychuk link including a hang five from the pedal, straight into a nice, long, smooth halfpacker. I can't say enough about Stratychuk's riding -- clearly original and unthinkably difficult tricks, ie: a back wheel scuffing move with his non-scuffing foot on the peg of the levitated front wheel. Of course, Dan Rigby is no slouch either. Rigby strings so many impossible and original looking tricks together it's hard to even follow exactly what he's doing. Andrew Faris' appearance, like always, is brilliantly flawless -- chock full of supreme levels of difficulty and wicked switches, jumps, and rolling madness. In addition, Jason Brown's riding is fantastic and clearly illustrates why this guy is one of the best in the sport. Martti Kuoppa drops in for a few beautiful cross footed hitchhikers and other radness which proves that he is who he says he is. There's way more flat going on in Canadians III that defy description and needs to be seen.
This video is awesome. About 50% flatland and 50% street, ramps, and dirt. Cool crashes makes this video funny. You know Jason Brown is a good rider so you will like his parts. Croy Straichuk's part is awesome too. Martti Kuoppa rules in the video. This vid is covered with hip hop and metallica. The music fits the video. So try to get this video, it is worth the money, but short (20 minutes). 4 outta 5 stars.

Lee Musselwhite, server.byke.org/ukflat: Canadians 4 combines hip hop with metal for an awesome explosion of entertainment. the vid kicks in to a full on hip hop tune and Jason brown busting out a x armed boomerang half bar flip to Hitchiker. as the vid progresses in a fast snappy style similar to Jason's own riding, you will see the likes of Martti Kuoppa turbining a crack packer twice at high speed, hopping from Karl Kruiser to peg wheelie and generally busting out on hiker variations. Dan rigby laying down a x armed x footed half bike lash to Hitchiker and a menagerie of tech in Dan's steady controlled manner. Brendon Fenton rolls his brakeless tricks like backwards halfpacker and crackpacker. Cory stratichuck shows of his weight transferring skills as he flips and moves effortlessly around his bike, sometimes not even stopping to give the tyre a kick. such momentum transferring tricks include hang five half bar anti clockwise to halfhiker and a backward steamroller clockwise half barflip flip to crackpacker. Steve Fong x armed hangs fives (one hand on seat) then bar flips to a backward steam boat, and Effraim's catlow spins a time machine on the pedal from a stick b, then jumps to junkyard on the pedal the decades out. oh and i haven't forgotten Jason him self, he lays down a shed load of full bar spins to Hitchiker. almost every variation in the book two different flips in one link. The tunes on this vid out right rock and will keep you coming back to get you stoked for your next ride. The vid isn't strictly all flat like 5 combos, there's a lot of street and ramp stuff mixed well in. The filming is excellent quality as are all Jason's vids.