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www.cheekymonkeybmx.co.uk: Cheeky Monkey Productions started up in 1994. Basically I ended up with a load of footage from various comps and events along with numerous sessions with good riders. so I thought fuck this! and got to work on my first vid, Tense Nervous Headache. Basically I didn`t know what I was doing but eventually managed to get 2 vcr`s and a soundmixer sorted out. This was way before computer editing systems were a realistic solution and I had to make do with what I could get - which wasn`t very much. Once I`d got to grips and figured out how to get music on I was away and 2 weeks later the end result was complete.
Ever since then a new Cheeky Monkey Video is released roughly once a year. The second vid, Get Your Tricks out was also made with 2 vcr`s and a sound mixer whilst Dirty Jumpers, and Extremely Unextreme was edited on a 3 machine editing suite which enabled some more control over titles and effects.. Mad Monkey Mayhem was produced on a standalone computer editing suite. Mad Monkey Mayhem was also shot on Digital 8 along with various other formats whereas before Hi8 was the main source.
Many people have contributed footage and carried out filming so here`s a few of them: Dave Partridge, John Hall, Paul Rogers, Andy Parkin, John Pratt, Nick Coombes, Mark Richards, Sean Malone, Jon Taylor, Matt Reid, Max Benson, Chris Job, Wil Evans, Paul Harrison, Danny Woodier, Mike Woodier, Tom Holmes, Northern John, Andy Clarke, Adam, Mat, Chris Hamer, Dean, Eric Easson.
Tense Nervous Headache
Released in 1994.
Review in Ride BMX UK #13 october 1994.
Get Your Tricks Out
Dirty Jumpers
Extremely Unextreme
Mad Monkey Mayhem
Running time - Approx. 30 min

www.bmxonline.co.uk: Street, skatepark and flatland with most of the footage coming from the north. Featuring locals from Stockport, Manchester, Bolton and Liverpool, plus many more. This is a really neat video, very professionally done, great music, shame about the drum thing at the end though.
Down Town
Running Time - Approx. 55 min

www.bmxonline.co.uk: Wicked new video from that cheeky monkey, Ross Milne. Featuring footage from the Urban Games, Manchester, London, Liverpool, Southsea, Derby, Chester, Stockport, Bristol, Sheffield and Portugal.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, february 2001: "Down Town" is a homevdo by Ross Milne which shows some action of his Homies Adam, Mat and Paul Robberts sorry Paul Rogers. These English cheeky monkey's are riding Down Town and show their stuff on their little bikes.
Even a "motorbiking" part but don't expect any nac nac's. All mixed together with material of Rooftop, Achim, Wilke, Axel, Owen Clegg and upcoming supertalent Allister Whitten. Allister is a natural talent who is going to be a pro soon, he learns stuff faster than You can think about it.
"Down Town" is okay but I don't expect large sales and I don't think Ross is doing this for the money anyway.
Jungle Juice
Edited and Produced by Ross Milne (Cheeky Monkey Productions)

Chris Young, www.chasebmxmag.com review: Ross sure packed a lot of footage into his latest video. For being only 30 minutes long, this video took me over an hour to watch, but I guess that's because I kept rewinding stuff over and over again. Jungle Juice has footage from the Seventies tour in Liverpool (Ian Morris, Garret Burns, Robbie Morales and Mike Aitken), the King of Street contest (killer footage of Owain Clegg, Clint Millar, Pil and Scott Maylon), some Palavas footage from last summer, a trip to Woodward (Ruben Alcantara, Bruce Crisman), the Derby Jam and the La Revolution contest in NY last year.
There's lot of coverage of some of the UK's next up-and-comers, with short riding profiles of Andy Barton and others, as well as familiar names like Jon Taylor, Jerry Galley and Lee Mellor. There doesn't seem to be any shortage of parks (both wood and concrete) in the UK, and so the video is mostly park and street footage with a bit of dirt. Some of the camera work is a little shaky is some sections, which is the only real drawback, but the footage is definitely worth watching. A great mix of hip-hop and punk rock - no complaints there.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2002: Ross Milne is a lucky guy or he is making a lot of money with Cheeky monkey vdo's. He travelled all over the world for his JUNGLE JUICE, Woodward, Liverpool, Sheffield, New York etc.
Ross is getting better and better with making vdo's, I don't know how far he is with computers and but I think he is still doing it the oldfashion way whithout all the hi-tech. That's what gave him a 4 star this time, just to give him some extra points to encourage him for a next 1.
Bio's from Lee Mellor, Andy Barton, Eric Easson, New schoolers Andy Clarke and Tommy Gore and Oldschoolers Jon Taylor and John Hall ( I know John for a long time but never remembers his name, sorry John its the alcohol thats doing this).
Mostly Park and Street on this Jungle juice, some Simon Tabron on Vert will make you very happy, also a very bad crash by Pill.
Coverage of the King of Street, Seventies tour with Byrnes and Morales, Woodward with Koji's Resi double flip, Adam Drinkwater on street, the Revolution contest in NYC (Not many VDO's showed this comp, Homan ruled it!), and something we will never forget: the World Trade Center NYC.
Ross made this UK/USA vdo very well, music is okay, different riders than normally like Jerry Galley, Owain Claigg, Ed Koenning, Wessel and WAKYWAKY Jon Barnett.
Ross, thanks for the VDO, hope to receive the next creation in the near future!
jungle juice

Barry on a Grifter
cheekymonkeybmx.co.uk: Available at cheekymonkeybmx.co.uk or eBay.
Disc One (running time approx 65 mins): Intro (montage), Jamie Bestwick, Phil Dolan, Carlo's Ramp Jam/Mansfield King Of Vert, Chase Gouin, Backyard Jams 1 & 2 (dirt only), James White, Gerry Galley, UKBFA Manchester (flat/quarterpipe), Albert Retey, Chris Job, Steve Geall, Mark Atkins, Mike Canning, Carlo Griggs, Rick Allison, Zach Shaw, Jon Taylor, Tizer World Cup, Lincoln Blacksley, Dennis McCoy, Mat Hoffman (at Mansfield King Of Vert, includes the world's first ever 180 Backflip on a ramp!), Steve Bisseker, Outro (montage).
Disc Two (running time approx 50 mins): More flatland from Lincoln Blacksley, Phil Dolan, James White, Chase Gouin, Steve Bisseker, Ow (Quick clip of Dennis McCoy that is quite bizarre), Jon Taylor's Birthday, Rodney Mullen at Romford (I know, Skateboarding....etc..), The Defunct Video, Photo Gallery by Jim Thomlinson.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2006: It's not Joe on a Stingray but Barry on a Grifter. Those not old enough to know what a Grifter is, it's one of the first bikes that kind of looked like a motorcycle and arrived at the same time as the first "original" BMX bikes. Raleigh made them so they were big in the UK. Anyway, back to the subject. The DVD is great entertainment. To see people like Ian Morris, Zach Shaw, Jamie Bestwick and Jon Taylor push their 35 pound bikes to the next level for sure was a good laugh. It brings back memories to the "good old times" when bikes were hard to get and the welder came out before going to the local shop to get a new one because they had none.
England has always been a fascinating country that raised great riders. I believe it's the attitude that pushed their level week after week. Crazy Eric Steele, Mad Jon Taylor, those names arrived on the scene for a reason. Barry on a Grifter has a lot of the footage from these days. It also has footage of Dennis McCoy, Rick Allison and Joe Johnson who came over for the Tizer World Cup in 1988 and Mat Hoffman's first flip 180 (flair) on vert.
The Backyard jam back in the day was a little different too and so is the video quality. Don't expect HD but VHS tape quality. But that's not the point. The double DVD shows a lot of UK's BMX freestyle history. Great riders like Shaun Allison, Mark Atkins, Brian Wills (I had to dig into an old FAT 'zine for that name), Steven Bisseker, Lincoln Blacksley and Mike Canning won't appear in the results list these days but the DVD shows that they did their thing to push BMX. If you're from the old school you need to have this one in your collection. Cheeky Monkey has saved all the VHS tapes for you and made a it easy by putting it on a double DVD. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Ride BMX UK january 2007: It's immensely important to know how BMX has evolved and to study the progression and development that our pioneers have laid down before us. Looking back on what certain individuals have done should really be acknowledged and respected, even if these things are not from eras you closely identify with yourself. Whether those pioneers be the riders, the photographers, or the film makers they are all equally as important in order to preserve these historic moments in time. Ross has taken it upon himself to compile footage of his own, along with other people's, to make a definitive collection DVD featuring random happenings in BMX from the 1980s to mid 90s.

Ross Milne, Ride BMX UK january 2007: The idea came about around six years ago. I had a load of footage from Will Evans, including the infamous Hoffman at Mansfield King of Vert, which hadn't been used for the original Cheeky videos. So basically, I kept hold of them until I got around to making Barry. Since then, I have always had this video in the back of my mind. Some of this stuff has to be seen by more than a couple of people. I just never got around to making it until now. I actually started work on it early this year, going through the tapes, then capturing it into the computer. A couple months later, I got some more footage courtesy of Chris Job, which was actually loads of amazing stuff Lincoln Blacksley had filmed. Also, Harry gave me the Manchester UKBFA and Tizer World Cup stuff, If it wasn't for these guys, the video wouldn't have happened, so big thanks to them. The video was then put on hold over the summer as I was working on skateboardstickers.co.uk and helping out Chris and Harry from the old Sheep Store / Defunct with the building of their new Skatepark and their website - centralskatepark.co.uk. As for technical difficulties, let's just say there was a lot of time buying dodgy computer parts off eBay, waiting for parts to arrive, hard drive failures, travelling to pick up computers that couldn't be bothered to work properly. All in all, great fun.
This is the first video and there's another planned for the future. I'd love to do another, just to see some more old footage. It all depends on what I can get hold of. I have a couple other guys that are going through their tapes, so soon as there's enough, work will start on Barry On a Grifter issue 2. If anyone out there has anything they think people would like see in the next one, give me a shout. I'd be into putting more aspects of BMX in the next one including racing.
barry on a grifter