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ECD 2: Uncharted Territory
ECD 3: Death is Near
Ride BMX US august 1995: East Coast Destruction will never die. Anyone that has ever witnessed a ECD/Butt Brothers video knows that's a fact, and Death is Near is further proof.
ECD 4: The Next Beginning
Running time 2hrs
Magilla on the cover.

www.eastcoastdestruction.com: Five years have passed since ecd3, a period when death was predicted for the entire crew, now the time has come, the next beginnig is here, the true east coast underground is ready to represent once again, welcome to our world, shall I say it again for those who did not hear "ECD WILL NEVER DIE".

Brian: This video features such riders as Joe "Butcher" Kowalski, MCM, and Chris Stauffer. IT HAS A PARENTAL ADVISORY FOR BREIF NUDITY AND SWEARING. The one unique thing about this movie is that it is 2 hours long. This bike video has dirt jumps, street riding, and flatland, along with stunts and pranks done by the riders. It isnt the best quality picture wise because it looks like they taped it with a home camcorde, but the riding in this video is amazing.

butcher ecd 4 from Vinnie on Vimeo.