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Who Brought the Dicks
Featuring over 50 riders in one of the most random videos ever made. If you like the magazine, hate the magazine, if you have no idea what the magazine is, you won't be able to deny this video rocks. (approx. 30 min.) (Note: Parental Advisory- Language) Who brought the dick

who brought the dicks? from thomas arend on Vimeo.
Running On Empty
Somehow, once again, Faction has produced an entertaining and quality video without even owning a camera. Seems slightly impossible, but with the help of these dudes and a lot of friends, it wasn't so hard. Includes sections edited by:

Intro - Brian Wizmerski
Shitluck - Mike Tag
DGC - Oliver Leonard
Standpoint - NAVAZ
Dead Memory & Shutterspeed - Dug Foulke

Like "Who Brought The Dicks?" this video is pretty fucking random, but totally solid, other than Dug Foulke's shit spelling. Speaking of "Who Brought the Dicks?" it's included in the bonus section. We aren't going to pull a Ride BMX and rate our video as a must buy, but we wouldn't bother charging you money for a pile of turd. And if you are one of those lame bastards that download videos instead of buying them, we aren't into Internet Piracy, and we will hunt you down and treat you to some serious pirate tourture.
running on empty

Shutter Speed
shutter speed