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European Flatland DVD magazine
Editor: Renato van Bloemenhuis (Ninja Inc Production)

www.flattv.tk, 2005: Our main purpose is to bring the european flatland scene into your living room and into your life: giving you the opportunity to expierence the contests you didn't go to, to share with you how riders who live a 1000 miles away from you, ride and live, to see tricks you never dreamed of and to motivate you to ride more and better, to push you to the next level and beyond. To show you that you are not alone. To make our small world of flatland tighter and more connected!
FLATtv is pure flatland and proud to be of european make, using music made by european artists and focusing on european contests, events, scene reports and riders. This to accentuate that although bmx flatland was born in the USA, europe has a vast, solid and progressive flatland scene made of riders who live and breathe flatland. Music plays an important role in flatland, accompanying many lone riders in empty parking lots and other spots across the continent in their solitary search for harmony, flow, creation and progression. We use european music only because although the mainstream music charts are dominated by american artists and styles, european-based music is strong and able enough to accompany the many flatland links brought to you on the screen and why go across the ocean if we have wicked tunes right here at our doorstep?! European contest reports will keep you up to date about the latest tricks, trends and fashion. Rider parts, scene reports and other non-competition pieces will show you riders from all levels, beginners, intermediate and pro from many different countries and cultures. Mixing it all up to bring you a versatile package of flatland riding covering the contest scene and underground scene straight to your tv screen in a comfortable-to-watch magazine-style format.
FLATtv comes out every March and September, each issue covering the six months that just passed. Availible at a wide variety of shops all across europe, check the Links section for adresses and sites.
Enjoy the ride!
Flat TV Volume One
Autumn 2002/ Winter 2003
First issue featuring contests like Circle of Balance, Circle Cow and Pigwood Contest and a rider part by James Alberto among other things.
Released in March 2003
Duration: 55 minutes
Format: PAL VHS only
flat tv 01
Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2003: Finally after years of seeing flatlanders using cameras to film for their own to steal tricks of others or just to have some memories for later the first FlatlandVDO in the Netherlands is a fact. Renato is a very fanatic flatlander from Hellmond and its not only the riding he likes, he also enjoys travelling, filming and editing so he made his first creation: FlatTV.
FLAT it is, only Flat so all you Flatlanders should at least have a copy and stop complaining that there are only 5 minutes of flat in Props, Soul or any other VDO magazine. Only Euro 19,00 can’t stop you from the best Flatland action in Europe. Starting with the Dutch scene that is getting bigger and bigger with lots of contests like The Burnside BOK series, Paul’s Flatbattle and the Flatcompany contest in Bussum with riders like Ricardo, Koen, Geert, Hoite and James it is nice to see the level of riding growing.
The RedBull Circle of Balance is the best Flatlandcontest ever and ofcourse Renato was present. Faces and Places shows you the different scenes in Holland: Best with Deuk (now living in Eindhoven), Zwolle/Staphorst with Ruben Versluis and Bertjan Blok, Nuenen with youngster Bram, Ellen Boele from Geldrop, James and Jesse in Tilburg, DeWalt Deurne and ofcourse the Eindhoven crew with Alain, Mathijs, Sam and many more. Bram and Jesse are having their own section as does James Alberto.
FLATTV goes international with a comp called Circle Cow (#4) in France with riders like Matti Rose, Frank Lucas, Roman as German crew and Alex Jumelin, Jimmy Petitet as homeboys. More stuff from Germany from the Pigwood Contest where they stole Renatos and Deuks bikes so if you live in that area kill everyone with a Flybikes Micromachine or WTP Pony (both black), only kidding….. Flatground 3 Amsterdam is the biggest flatlandcomp in the Netherlands with riders from all over the world so see a lot of foreign riders like Martti, Viki, Yanmar, Jason Forde and more worldclass riders.
Renatos dreamsession is a mix with the best tricks at this moment, he is not only dreaming of tricks but also shows his best trick ever: Marrying his wife in Las Vegas, she also did the flyer and cover of the vdo so she is also hooked to the world of flatland madness. Don’t be fooled with the (3star out of 5), I don’t want to give all the stars with the first vdo, lets wait for FLATTV Volume two, there is allways something to complain but for a first vdo this one rocks! (mayby not all the music though….)

Music: European Hip Hop / House / Trance / Punk
Time: 57:57 min
Commercials: Fat and Paul’s Boutique de Flaltlandspecialist.
Flat TV Volume Two
Spring/ Summer 2003
Featuring Contests like Worlds 2003 and Urban Games, rider part Stephan Passeri, Special Videocompilation featuring French Riders, Eindhoven Scene report and more.

Released in September 2003
Duration: 55 minutes
Format: PAL VHS only
flat tv 02
Viki Gomez on the cover.
Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2003: Renato did it again, a 100% European Flatland vdo with 100% European music made 100% in Hellmond Holland. No that doesn’t mean it doesn’t show Terry Adams, Matt Wilhelm, Hiro, Yanmar and Aaron Behnke (all outside Europe) but it means they were all filmed at European contests like the Carhartt Flatland jam (Germany), The Worlds 2003 (Portugal), Sprite Urban games (UK) and more.
The Dutch riders are covered as well and they are getting better and better, rider report from Stephan Passeri, the Dutch Jam mix shows you that the Dutch are ready to take over the world of Flatland…… Music is good but with my taste it can’t be 100% okay if it is from Europe only but that’s my mistake not Renatos.
Vive la France shows you nice action from Jumelin, Alexis and Jimmy Petitet and de Walt has an own section too, Vive la Deurne! Renatos Dreamsession is very original showing only the tricks and not the riders faces, he is dreaming of the ultimate run every night and hopes he will pull it one day, for now his score is a big * 4-star, a must for every flatlander in Europe!

Time: 55 min
DVD: No, only VHS Pal
Rate: *
Shows: 100% European Flatland
Flat TV 3
Autumn 2003/ Winter 2004
Contests like Flattimeking and Flatground 2004 are in this one, a scene report about Stuttgart, a Videobattle between KGB and Stereo Panda, a rider part featuring Seppl and more.

Released in March 2004
Duration: Regular Movie 48 minutes, Bonus Section 12 minutes. Total 60 minutes
Format: DVD-r (region-free) only
flat tv 03
Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2004: The Ninja did it again, already #3 of Dutch best DVD BMX magazine: FLAT TV. As said before the quality is super and the music is awesome too, not boring or bad filming just what you wanted for your 19 Euros. This issue features the Circle Cow contest in France, Flatground 2004 in Amsterdam, Stuttgart Scene and Seppl from Germany and the Flattimeking, Winter sessions and of course Ninja's Dreamsession.
It keeps you busy for an hour with the bonus of the KGG vs Stereo Panda, Making of FlatTV 3, and how to Hang-5 by the pro's from Eindhoven. Frontcover picture by our own FAT webmaster Jos makes it the best FLATtv yet.
Go and buy one at your favourite Flatlandspecialist……

Time: 60 minutes
Shows: 100% FLATLAND
DVD only
Euro 19,00
By: Ninja inc Productions
Country: Hellmond Holland
Rate: *1/2
Flat TV 4
Spring/Summer 2004
Featuring Circle of Balance 2, Ninja Spin, the Worlds, FlatArtCrew Contest, a duo rider special of Chris Bohm and Dan Hennig, Frank Lukas and Travis Collier in WeThePeople Pro Duo and much, much more.

Released in September 2004
Duration: Regular Movie 50 minutes, Bonus Section 15 minutes.
Format: DVD-r only
flat tv 04
Michael Sommer on the cover.
Flat TV 5
Autumn 2004/Winter 2005
Featuring Berlin City Games, Circle Cow 2005, London Scene Report, Winter Jams, Jason Forde rider part and much more.

Released in March 2005
Duration: Regular Movie 50 minutes, Bonus Section 15 minutes.
Format: Dvd-r only
flat tv 05
Bram Verhallen on the cover.

Bram Verhallen.
Sebastian Pospischil, www.global-flat.com: I think it’s amazing how Flattv, the first European Flatland Videomagazine advanced since Issue No. 1. The Quality got way better and the step from vhs to dvd was amazing. Since then, it advanced to one of the best-selling flatland-dvd’s!
Like the name says, Flattv provides a very good view on whats going on in the European Scene! Our first stop on this issues journey takes us to a Nightsession with the Netherlands finest Flatland-dudes! Good vibes and nice to see how they advanced!
“Let’s go to Berlin city, the capital of Germany!” Matti Röse set up a huge contest in “Erichs Lampenladen”, the former seat of government of the DDR (German Democratic Republic). Heavy vibes and tricks with the perfect sound of Berlin (SIDO represent!)
After that, we travel trough France and cross the channel to check Londons scene! Different, never seen before riders mix up with your favourite pro riders like Jason Forde and James Smith. Some of you may definately miss Phil Dolan and James White, seems that they don’t ride anymore or stay in the underground!
After that nice session, it’s time to chill and watch the Winter Jams, again with Netherlands Finest and some incredible links of Alex Jumelin! “Speaking of Alex, he definatley rocked at the Circle Cow, along with Viki!” “Yeah dude, and have you ever seen such confusing links that Nicolas Ferrando is doing?” “Pretty rad, dude!”
The next morning: “Hey wake up guys, lets do some filming with FLATtv Teamrider Jason Forde!” Incredible long links and confusing directions! Seems that this guy has no prefered “regular” side! Last stop: CSSR! Watch out for KGB-Agents! Deadly Moves and Weapons! It’s unbelievable what Alex Jumelin learned since I last saw him!!!
“Ok, time to go to bed now! Have some nice dreams!” Brakeless Steamrollerjump to Halfpacker? Cliffhanger Jump to Steamroller? Opposite halfpacker Bodyvarialjump to inside regular Halfpacker? Forward Tomahawk to –I can’t imagine- Inside Halfpacker? Go figure!!!
Crazy journey and definately worth the money! Even the Bonus contains rad Footage (German Pro’s, Just Ride!, old footage of Issue 1 & 2)! I also recommend to get all the Songs, put it on your portable music-device and go out riding!!!
Manu Massabova, www.agoride.com, mai 2005:
Durée: 60 minutes
Prix: 30 euros
Menu: Night riders, Berlin City games, London scene, Winter jams, Circle cow, Jason Forde, KGB agents, Dreamsession
Bonus: Scharz-Rot-Gelb, Just Ride!, Highlight volume 1 et 2, making of Flat tv 5
Distribution: Asphalt 01 45 90 36 73
Best Tricks: Bram: 360 bar spin x-foot switchiker to steam roller ; Alex: hang 5 seat grab to x-footed crack packer to fire to jumplash ; Yannick Chauvel: Double pedal steam roller.
Zique: entre le rap (allemand et français) et la pop anglaise, la zique colle parfaitement aux images, choix judicieux.

Notre avis: Si vous avez loupé les contests et les jams de cet hiver (Circle Cow à Servon , Berlin city games, Brooklyn jam en Belgique,...), Flat tv vous offre l'occasion de vous racheter. Grâce à eux, vous n'en manquerez pas une miette. Vous aurez même les amateurs et experts pour le même prix. 1h de flat c'est un peu long mais la production des Ninja a privilégié la quantité à la qualité, donc les images sont parfois filmées à l'arrache, parfois floues et ne cherchez pas la griffe de Spielberg dans le montage non plus mais si c'est pas ce qu'on recherche, on a toutes les raisons de savourer ce nouveau numéro. Si vous aimez le flat, vous en aurez pour votre pognon, et après tout, c'est ça le plus important.
Ma séquence préférée est la London scène, Jay Forde, James Smith et les nains du quartier ressuscitent South Bank, il manque quand même Phil Dolan et James White qui devaient être occupés à changer les couches des bébés, c'est dommage. La démo dans la boite de strip est mémorable aussi mais la cerise sur le gâteau est incontestablement l'enfant terrible hollandais, le maintenant célèbre Bram Verhallen qui nous montre une fois de plus que son vélo n'est qu'un jouet dans ses mains. J'ose même pas imaginer ce qu'il va pouvoir nous sortir dans les prochains épisodes de la Tv du flat, enfin je reste avec la télécommande à la main et je zappe surtout pas...
Note: 7/10
Bram Verhallen, www.agoride.com, june 2005: FlatTV started 3 years ago when Renato started to film all the contests for his first video. That video turned out much better than anyone expected but there were a lot of things to improve so he worked his ass off for the next one and so on. Nowadays it's a well-known European flatland video magazine where all the European rider should be proud of... it's there for the riders!!!! so support it and one day.. you will be in it yourself if you aren't in the past video/dvd's already. I don't work for FlatTV; Renato does everything on his own with a little help from his wife Francis. I just ride for FlatTV.
Flat TV 6
Spring/Summer 2005
FLATtv 6 covers Braun Ninja Spin 05, Nokia Worlds 05 and Suzuki BMX Masters, Eberswalde Scene report, rider parts of Raphael Chiquet and Daniel Fuhrmann, of course Summer Sessions and the Dreamsession and three Bonus Parts. New tricks, new faces, new places, fashion, style and dope music.

Released in September 2005
Duration:65 minutes, Bonus Part 12 minutes.
Format: Dvd-r only
flat tv 06
Alex Jumelin at the 2005 Worlds in Prague on the cover.
Flat TV 7
Autumn 2005/ Winter 2006. Released March 2006. Features: Winter Sessions, Braun Flatground 2005, Michael Sommer, Berlin City Games 2005, Wolfgang Sauter, Braun Circle Cow 2006, Bram Verhallen, Dreamsession and extensive Bonus part.
flat tv 07
Wolfgang Sauter on the cover.
Michael Steingraeber, www.global-flat.com, may 2006: Volume seven of the Flatland Video Magazine FLATtv is he autumn05/winter06 edition. As a video magazine should, it covers all the big contests from that period: Braun Flatground, Adidias Berlin City Games, Braun Circle Cow and Battle In Da Club round1 are the contest features. If you weren't able to go to these events and want to know what happened, BUY THIS DVD! You will see most of the pros tricks all on one dvd.
In addition to all the contest footage, there are three rider sections: Coverboy Wolfgang Sauter, showing his smooth style and endless links, World Champion Michael Sommer, displaying all his difficult tricks and FLATtv team rider Bram Verhallen R.I.P.ing it up.
As always, you get Dreamsessions, a collection of the hardest and most beautiful links. Watching this section will make you wonder whether you’re awake or dreaming.
Everything in this dvd is well edited, a few gimmicks thrown in here and there, but never too much. The filming is absolutely up to par. The only thing I would wish for was the riders sections being filmed away from contests, like Bram's part was. Speaking of Bram's part: This is easily the highlight of this dvd for me, his riding is outstanding and explains the recent hype around him. A lot of hard tricks I haven’t seen him do before, mostly filmed in his winter training center, edited to the tunes of dutch hip hoper Opgezwolle. These 3:30 minutes alone justify buying this dvd! Yeah Bram!
It’s impossible to list all the riders you can see, but if they did something worth watching at any of the above contests, it’s very likely it will be on this dvd. The running time is approximately 60 minutes, it has a nice soundtrack, is well edited…so what are you waiting for? BUY THIS DVD!