Sources: www.notfreestylin.com, www.theflatlander.com, www.flatlandfuel.com, yoshitheo2n, ...
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Released in 1997.

Trix, www.notfreestylin.com: if you want a flatland video...this is 4 you! The flatland fugitives, Day Smith, Troy McMurray,Gabe Weed, tons of riders I've never heard of...great riding including Day Smith's upside-down decade. Check it out .

Chris Halverson, www.theflatlander.com: This video is Graveyard Products' first video and it is great from start to finish. Graveyard had video production mastermind Ells Watson put this one together and his editing style is found through out its entirety. The editing is nuts, but the riding is down right crazy. The riding is mostly from the Flatland Fugitives with some street riding by Troy McMurray thrown in for spice. Nate Hanson's riding is so smooth and slow its unbelievable and Phil Dolan's brakeless runs are amazing. Standout tricks include Day Smith's upside-down wheelie decade and Sean Peters' spastic backwheel links. If you are a flatlander and you don't mind watching some insane street riding, I strongly suggest you invest in this video.
Released in 1997

Featuring Jesse Puente, Leo Dumlao, Sean Peters, Ruben Castillo, Gabe Weed, ...
First released in 1998.

www.flatlandfuel.com, 2002: A classic by Dig It from a couple of years ago and now re-released !
Features Martti Kuoppa, Nathan Penonzek, Stephan Cerra, Phil Dolan, Jesse Puente, Day Smith, Dylan Worsley and more. Look for the special hidden bonus section at the end of the video !