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Released in 1986.
The riders: Eddie Fiola, Josh White, Martin Aparijo, Brian Scura, Brett Hernandez, and Dino Deluca. They go street riding in Hollywood. Eddie shreds the T.O.L. halfpipe. Brett rides flatland on the beach, ...

From the box: GTV - only the hottest freestyle video ever! 32 minutes of freestyle insanity featuring Eddie Fiola blasting 540's on the T.O.L Josh White and his patented Griz-Air... 12 feet out! • Amazing flatland freestyle by ground masters Martian Aparajio and Brian Scura • Brett Hernandez warming up for the Dyno summer tour • Aerial attack by Dino DeLuca on the GT quarter pipe . Plus an actual storyline (sort of) and outtakes that answer the question, "I wonder if he pulled out of that...?"

Freestyle Spectacular: The plot of the story is cool. It starts with the team doing a show at a school. A total Squid, Josh White, is also at the show, riding a bogus bike with a bogus uniform. To make a long story short, Eddie Fiola, Brian Scura and Martin Aparijo give him a GT and transform Josh into the man he is today.

www.webmx.org, 2001: Cette video retrace la tournée du team GT. C'est à se pisser dessus tellement c'est ringard. Imaginez un rider avec un casque de moto (j'exagère à peine) qui fait une figure statique au sol dans une combinaison "Factory Pilote". En plus c'est joué (et mal, évidement) avec un faux scénario à 2 euros.

oplichta, le forum des 23, septembre 2005: Pour ceux que ça interesse, voici la liste des chansons qui avaient été utilisées pour cette video GT. Dans l'ordre:
1 - Moetley Crue - Home sweet home
2 - Franck Stallone - Far from over
3 - Bronski beat - Hit that perfect beat (12" mix)
4 - Moetley Crue - Live wire
5 - New Order - Shellshock
6 - Howard Jones - Life in one day
7 - Phil Collins - Take me home
Pour la seconde, j'ai lu sur le web qu'il s'agirait d'un frère à Sylvester... Bien sur certains titres ont été "coupés", raccourcis, notamment la premiere qui sert d'intro, et qu'on retrouve aussi en extro avant la 7eme...

Dig BMX, 2013: This cost $29 in 1986! That’s all you need to know. Well, that and that Josh White was rad. Some serious half pipe riding in amongst the quarter pipe action. Absolutely un-reel apparently.

GT Demo Tape
Released in 1987.

Super BMX&Freestyle, october 1987: This latest rash of video craziness from GT includes riding by Brett "Pinky Squeak" Hernandez, Dave Voelker, Dino Deluca, Martin Aparijo, Josh White, Eddie Fiola, and Brian Scura.
More of an instructional tape than last year's GTV tape, you get mucho how-to's, with the description right out of the rider's mouth on such cool tricks as no-handed Miami hop-hops, grip rides in a circle, and a backyard from Martin, along with about three solid minutes of non-stop trick-after-trick badness.
From Dino you can expect how-to's on a topside one-hander/bottom side one-footer, his killer lookbacks, and pedalpicker.
Well, by now you have to be getting the idea of what the tape's like, and rather than give away all the surprises, we'll just say that there's something for everyone - from beginner to pro, and there's even some vintage footage of Eddie Fiola at the Pipeline that's probably worth the cost of the tape by itself.
Of course another added features the addition of commentary, interview, and other jive from the ever-flowing vocal cords of McGoo. Suggested retail $24.95. Good stuff.

BMX Action april 1988: GT Demo Tape (32 min.) $24.95 from GT BMX, sold at your nearest bike shop.
McGoo is your host -his big screen debut. Producers, Unreel, added some really hot (and expensive) special effects. Comical at times -but not "rollin' on the floor" type.Airs. An okay logo-could've been better. First interview: Martin. Usual talk about travel and practice. KILLER effects. Martin shreds. Hot tricks. Dino next. Quote of video: "I like to motorcycle" Nervousness? Yup. Dino makes up for it with THE BEST slo-mo lookback in history, while a guitar geezes in the background. More custom effects. Then the Swatch wearing and totally tense Dr. Air. Highlights: Josh off cue. Josh doing ground with no pegs. Josh loftin'. Dave Voelker follows. He's the most easy goin', coolest, and calmest character in the entire vid -the most normal or regular guy, until it shows his abnormal airs and irregular variations. RAD! Brett Hernandez next, talking with stuffed up nose. More chick references by 'Goo. AWESOME footage of Pinky Squeaks, Good how-to's. Scura comes on and GT forgot to add canned laughter. Scura out of control, doing the back stroke while scurfing, Then Fiola -the last time you'll get to see him in GT duds. Old Pipeline/King of the Skateparks footage. Classic? You bet. Thats' all ... cept for one of the all-time best crashes in years. We won't say anymore -just get the Demo tape and see for yourself.

Released in 1989.
The running time of this video is approximately 30 minutes in duration.

It features such highlights as:
World famous GT Freestyle Pro team at their best
7 top pros disclose step by step instructions to amazing freestyle ground and air tricks
Master vertical and flatland moves
gt pro bmx
Code 4130
Produced by Eddie Roman
Released in 1994
Running time: 40 min.
Ride BMX UK #11 june 1994: It's been far too long since we've seen anything from Eddie Roman: Head First, Ride On, you've seen them, arguably they remain the finest bike videos to date.
GT obviously Iiked what they saw and hired Eddie to run their video department, putting him in charge of creating promo videos for all their companies (including MTB and road racing departments) and various GT TV adverts. Eddie is basically allowed free-run of GT's extensive video machinery, and his first BMX general release is the 94 video Code 4130: it's so far ahead of the `GT Demo Tape' released in 1987 that it's a joke. Back then Eddie Fiola was even riding 36 spoke 1 3/8 inch wheels in skateparks.
Dont think that's t just one long GT commercial; Code 4130 is a combo of dirt, freestyle, street, and a little more besides. Aside from the good vibes backyard jumping, the bee, race footage, crash sections, brief interviews and tech tips, the major highlights include; the WD4O advert, Peacys mini ramp riding (when he was on Dyno), Charles Townsend's neighbour, Voelker, Danny Nelson's swoop tactics, the quality of some of the US tracks (like, how many jumps?), Honda factory supercrosser Jeremy McGrath, Ellis' power, and John Parker. Parker is a fruitbat. Flip twists on vert, extreme variations on the same, and a flip over the funbox with a camera on his helmet. Look out for an interview with Parker right here soon.
Quality is stupid high. Eddie has excelled himself with high-end effects and diamond sharp editing, camera work is perfect, and the music isn't half bad either. Code 4130 is a busting good new video, I guess it's about 40 minutes long. Eddie has always made sure his videos come with good vibes - and we love it.
Produced by Eddie Roman. Available december 1997. About 30 minutes long.

A few minutes of the tape is from a King of the Skateparks contest in Upland's Pipeline skatepark with Mike Dominguez, Fiola, Sigur, Blyther and Hugo Gonzales.
Commercials for GT bikes.
Kurt Osburn, The "Wheelie King".

Starring: Ruel Erickson, Dave Young, Ken Hale, Rob Nolli, Trevor Meyer, Ruben Castillo, Dave Voelker.

BMXup #11: Alors là, je dis chapeau ! Une vidéo comme celle-ci j'aimerais en voir un peu plus souvent. Et comment ! D'abord l'humour, ça change, cette vidéo est bourrée d'humour. Ensuite, la touche d'Eddie Roman, qui est certainement le réalisateur de vidéo de BMX le plus doué (Il a même réussi a nous faire croire que Chad Herrington était fort ! Non je deconne...). Eddie a une particularité, il sait, c'est chose rare, ajouter ce petit plus a ses vidéos. En effet, en mettant de côté les qualités intrinsèques d'une vidéo, soit pour du BMX, la qualité du riding. Il existe un ensemble de paramètres qui font qu'une vidéo se différencie des autres. Dans Dead Sailor, on peut citer, par exemple l'humour décalé, des images inédites de Gary Ellis en Chasseur de Chevreuil en plastique, Greg Romero et ses recettes de cuisine, Dave Voelker, le nouveau spot de l'usine GT, les tentatives désespérées de sauts de palissade, le tremplin géant de Ken Hale, les gaps inimaginables de Dave Young. Bref vous qui voulez une video originale qui traite de tous les sujets de façon brillante avec des images incroyables, vous savez ce qui vous reste à faire Soit vous achetez un caméscope, vous vous filmez devant la glace en imitant l'ami J'Wel en plein monologue sur la reproduction des langoustes en Laponie orientale. Soit vous achetez Dead Sailor. A vous de voir !
gt dead sailor
Leigh Ramsdell, www.hsacentral.com: Made by Kip Williamson. Featuring people who uses to be on the GT team it show cases some of today's best riding. You have flatland from Matt Wilhelm and Gabe Weed. We also get to see The Gute, Kevin Gutierrez in action along with Ben Snowden who does some good street lines. Mike Parenti, Tom Haugen (toothpick to full barspin on a subbox), and Jamie Bestwick all have incredible parts. They show some contest and show footage but it's the best stuff you could see. It also shows them just riding parks which is something you probably wouldn't be able to see on a normal basis, so that's refreshing. Then there's Rob Nolli, who gets to show off his hot rod by doing burn outs, which I'm sure is how he picks up the ladies he's with in the video. He does kick some ass in his section with any type of riding you can think of. My favorite part would be Dave Voelker. He does some huge 180's, flip fakies and can manual like no other. There's also some 16mm film work done by Mark Eaton. Kip always does a great job with his intro's and adding non-riding footage that gives this video a great overall feel. I recommend picking one up.

Kip Williamson, www.facebook.com, december 2008: I was hired by GT to make the last full length video for them before they were bought by MONGOOSE/Schwinn/Brunswick Pool Tables. Well, I actually didn't know GT was being sold when I started working on the video. I never got paid from GT, as the release of this video and GT going out of business were simultaneous. Dave Brumlow helped me put the video out, and I was able to make my money back, but NEVER really made any money on it, which was the original plan. Tom Haugen sold one of these VHS copies on eBay for $237!!!!!!
Mike Parenti on the cover.