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rASTAcosta, www.bmx-test.com, july 2003: The whole Kink team finally has come out with their own video. Honestly, I was expecting more than what I got when I whipped out those precious 25 dollars for the DVD. I'll start with the riding first... overall, it was good. It wasn't totally amazing, but still, I found myself rewinding it and slow-motioning over stuff, so that's a good sign. The highlights I though were Chris Arriaga, Jim C. - which I expected to be from the start, Dirty Dan - only because hes 15 and a total shredder, and Ryan Sher's part was good too. The "bonus" section was all just a great waste. The bonus riding and "friends" sections were... well, all right, and short too. The whole riding section was 32 minutes. They had interviews, trick commentary, and and an MTV cribs-like, "Kink Kribs" (boooooring) and some section titled "stupid challenges" - and that's what it was... stupid. They also had some hidden sections, which were nothing special. Overall this video was only enjoyable when it came to riding. I give it a semi generous 8 outta 10. If you really want to buy this video, which I do suggest because the riding is good, than buy the regular VHS.. the DVD is just all extra nonsense - well, maybe you like that kinda stuff. I don't.

Fallenclothing03, www.bmx-test.com, july 2003: Usually if you hear about a video being in production for awhile, it ends up being worth the wait (like Criminal Mischief and Wide Awake Nightmare), so a few months ago I hear Kink is producing a video with Jim Cielencki and Ryan Sher alone so I was excited. Well no more than a month later the video is done. What? It seemed to me that they rushed this video but since someone I know had it, I was still excited to see it. Since I was expecting a crappy video, I was pretty surprised by how sick some of the riding is.
The first thing you'll notice about this video is that the editing SUCKS. There is no build up, no finishing tricks for the most part, but the music makes up for that. This video has undoubtedly the best music selections of any video I've seen, except Dirty Dan who rides to the same song Ty Stuyvesant used in Wide Awake Nightmare. The filming of most of the stuff is amazing (especially KC Badger's part).
Now for the riding...there's an intro in the beginning which is really bad and I usually skip it. Rob Tibbs kicks the video off, and he does sick things, but a lot of filler tricks. Next is KC Badger. This kid has style, and nowadays people mistake style for skill. Style is awesome when its people like Mike Aitken and Chris Doyle who throw the craziest shit and still make it look smooth, so seeing KC Badger do turndowns all the time isnt impressive. Next is a pointless section where they ride down this hill at Baldy pipe. Skip it. Next is Dirty Dan Bogard and at 15, the kid is sick as hell, but nothing exactly new, and hell, the kid lives at the Pit skatepark. Ryan Sher is up next and his style and bike control are really fun to watch. His section is edited really well compared to most of the video and he really makes harder tricks (ie: fakie wallride to barspin) flow like most other riders cant. Ian Munroe is next. I had never heard of him, and this isn't exactly a good video part. He rides a kinked rail and a huge feeble ledge basically his whole part and does a few things you'd never think could be done, so you can tell that if the video wasnt rushed he would have enormous potential. Next is Jim Cielencki. He really comes across as the only one who didn't rush his section. He does the most ridiculous grinds down rails (if you've seen previous stuff from him you only know half of it) and figures out the sickest things to do on the wierdest rails. He also takes kickflips in a new direction so to speak. Finally is Chris Arriaga. If you thought Brian Wizmerski could link stuff well with manuals you'll be blown away by Arriaga's ability to do it. He manuals out of just about anything (including vert ramp stalls), does the craziest rails, and is just unbelievable, but shitty editing makes his part a little less impressive (he does a gap to jump over icepick down a kinked rail and they throw it in so fast you'll most likely miss it the first couple times).
Is this video unbelievable? No. Is it even solid? Not really, but for Cielencki and Arriaga's sections alone, the video is worth it. 7.5 out of 10

intro: the doors - peace frog
Credits: The Kinks - Lola
Ryan Sher: Guns n Roses - My Michelle
Dirty Dan: Rolling Stones - Mothers little helper
Rob Tibbs: Pixies - Bone Machine
KC Badger: Iggy & The Stooges - Search and destroy
ian munro: black sabbath - war pigs
Jim C: Cinderella - Gypsy Road
kink cheap thrills
Ryan, www.ridebmx.com, may 2005: On par with some of the other videos this month, Cheap Thrills goes from the wild intro (which includes, but is not limited to: KC Badger in a dress, Ian Munro in a thong, pudding wrestling, and one rather large stripper) to your good ol' fashioned riding sections. I found some of the filming to be a bit iffy and there was nothing particularly great about the editing, but the Kink team still rides well and that's what makes Cheap Thrills an entertaining watch. The better parts come from Ryan Sher (AKA the curved wallride/no-hander section) and Jim Cielencki (AKA the does-whatever-the-hell-he-wants section). There are even quite a few bonuses in Cheap Thrills to keep you occupied if you find yourself you're stuck in a hospital waiting for Morgan Wade to finish getting stitches, like I was.

odysseyrider4ever, www.bmx-test.com, december 2004: This video rules. I really can't stop watching it because it is so awesome. I think it is one of the best videos I've ever seen. Here are the details.
Intro: Very cool intro. It shows jim walking into a house, where theres a party going down and all this shit is happening. The best part is Dirty Dan mud wrestling a stripper. The music is that "Little Green Bag" song sung by someone I dont know.
Hickerson: His part is amazing. It is all filmed at Dirtwood in Texas except two clips from the flow. He has the sweetest song, real pumping.
He blows my mind how he can tailwhip anytime, anywhere, on anything. (and either way -Cory)
Arriaga: This guy is a manual machine. He does the craziest combo I've ever seen in a bowl. He has some old school music thats pretty good.
Munro: I've never seen him ride before, but I realized through his part he likes toothpicks and toothpick hangers, as you will see if you see this video. His last trick is insane, very technical. His music is Michael Jackson, "Beat It."
Badger: KC is a very smooth flowing trail and park rider. Although his trick list seems kind of limited, he makes the tricks he can do look good. At the end of his part, he has a bad fall and really messes his leg up. His music is just music w/o singing, its pretty good.
Sher: I love his part. With some really good music by Alkaline Trio, his part is a favorite. He, like KC, seems to have a limited trick list but still has super smooth trail style and really clicks the things he does do. His last trick is something I've never seen before and is pretty amazing.
Tibbs: He has a very good part too. Riding to Oasis' "Morning Glory" and doing some super technical tricks, Rob's part is very good. He seems to have like 4 different bike setups during the part. Awesome part.
Bogard: One of the people I was looking forward to seeing, Bogard is riding to some older sounding music that is still pretty good. He does some things I never thought he could do like hang ten toothpicks and hang tens on boxes. A well done part.
Cielencki: The last part goes to Jim, and for good reasons. He does some of the most original tricks on rails I've ever seen. He rides to music by Rick James,"Give it to Me." He does some tailwhips in here, which I've never seen him do before. His last trick is very cool and something only he would do.
This movie also has some bonus features including "Behind the scenes of making the intro," "Bonus team riding," "Friends riding," and "Wrecks." To sum it up, go get this movie because it is amazing, nothing more I'd expect from it, 10/10!

Intro: George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag
Jim Cielenski: Rick James - Give it to me baby
Chris Arriaga: Chambers brothers - time has come
Ian Munro: Michael Jackson - Beat it.
Dirty Dan: The Smiths - This Charming Man
Rob Tibbs: Oasis - Whats the Story (Morning Glory)
Danny Hickerson: Low Ton - The Balancing Act
Ryan Sher: Alkaline Trio - The Metro (Berlin Cover)
kink cheap thrills