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MK (Martti Kuoppa) presents Moments, Martti Kuoppa solo DVD.

The length of Moments is 18 minutes and 40 seconds + bonus clip (3 min).
Martti riding before he turned pro 1996.
The DVD starts with a nostalgic moments from Martti's riding career from 1992 till 2002, this section defines the progression level of little Martti to more mature Martti. Also it gives the spectator an idea how Martti's riding style has changed through the years.
Music: One song of rock n´ roll and rest of the songs (4 songs) are hip hop.
Filming spots: First scene (nostalgic) Helsinki, Florida, Virginia and California. Rest of the scenes: Helsinki, Madrid and Singapore
Filming started: November 2003
Idea of a solo project: Year 2000.