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Owner: Derek Adams.

Derek Adams, www.orchidfootwear.com, 2004: THE NEXT STEP: FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY
A few years back in 1995 I started a small clothing brand called Little Devil. It was a lot of fun making t-shirts and selling them at bmx contests for gas money. I never took it too seriously at first...all I wanted to do was ride my bike and avoid working at a real job. Over the next few years I worked to build Little Devil into a respectable clothing brand that made hats, socks, and a little of everything in between. All of a sudden I had a real job, but it was a labor of love so I didn't mind. I hired some friends of mine to help out and we always joked that we should make shoes too. It seemed like an impossible dream, but as Little Devil continued to grow and we learned more about product design we actually began to think it was possible. Last year we decided that it was time to take the next step. The idea was simple: make some stylish, comfortable, durable shoes for bmx riders. Period. One year later after a lot of hard work and research, we are finally ready to premiere our new labor of love: Orchid Footwear. The finished shoes are far beyond what we dreamed was possible when we first started. Our first 4 models are intentionally simple and stylish, with very few gimmicks, and a tread design that grips easily to the pedals. 2 models will be available in Spring 2004 followed by 2 more models in Fall 2004. Whether you are a bmx rider, a bmx dealer, or just like the look of the shoes, we need all the support we can get. -Long Live BMX-
Orchid team video
Released in 2005.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2005: A long time ago at our local fair, it was possible to win BMX stickers. BMX was a hype at the time but it was strange to be able to win BMX stickers at the local kermis. Focused on BMX, I needed to win those stickers. I forgot what I had to do to get them but it was probably shooting some chalk pipes. Anyway, one of the stickers I won had the text: "Step On It" next to RL or Mike Buff doing a one-hand-one-footer. I think I still have it, somewhere....... This has got nothing to do with the Orchid Footwear DVD other than the title of it: "Step On It"
With a super crew of riders such as Van Homan, Shawn Arata, Dustin Gunther, Wiz, Berringer, Martinez, Jay Miron, Max Vincent, Robin Fenlon, Adamski and Kevin Porter it is hard to fail a video. Most of the crew went on a 3 week trip to the North-West and flimed the complete thing. It has a bit of a RoadFools feel to it with the riders being on the road, riding new spots and having fun. The actual video is only 25 minutes long but it's full of amazing stuff. Loads of parks, pools and street in this DVD so if that is your cup of tea, this is for you. Derek Adams is one funny guy and the humor really comes in with the bonus section. Just watch it.
Step On It comes with an Orchid Footwear poster/catalog and can be ordered at most mailorder companies. If you can't find it anywhere, contact Orchid Footwear.