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Stew Johnson: Scum Clothing was a clothing company I did for awhile that started out as a graphic arts project in high school. But I eventually got bored with it and killed it in 1998.
Mike Tag and Stew Johnson made 1201 in the summer of 1995.

Stew Johnson: "Mike Tag  blew out his knee and bought a video camera and he filmed a lot and we decided to put together 1201 and that's where it all started. It just seemed like a really fun thing to do. Plus we wanted people to know that a lot of our friends are badass bike riders."

Chris Shaw, www.notfreestylin.com: This video is pure dirt action, from start to finish, with a little mini and street to add to the fun. There are plenty of different riders on this video ranging from Jay Miron to Wilbur Street. There's riding from push, posh, Woodward, rampage and it all rules from start to finish. The music is catchy enough and it all lasts about 40 mins which is just great. This video may be old now but buy it its rad. Review by Chris Shaw.

Ryan Barrett, blog.verdebmx.com, june 2008: You are looking at the one of the best videos of all time: Stew Johnson’s 1201. I knew nothing about it at the time, or BMX videos in general. I had seen Madd Matt, Ride On, and Head First. All of which seemed a little distant from me. Maybe that is because I wasn’t riding vert (don’t get me wrong, those videos were groundbreaking and a must watch and include more than vert). But, I hadn’t seen anything that I could relate to until that glorious Christmas morning when I unwrapped this video. It must have been fate that my mom bought this video. I didn’t ask for it and she certainly didn’t know what she was buying! I watched 1201 nonstop. Stew went on to make lights out!, Anthem, and countless Props videos. He is currently filming for Anthem2 (Brian Yeagle section?!). It’s been too long since I’ve been excited about a video. I can’t wait to be glued to the TV screen once again!
scum 1201
Sean, www.notfreestylin.com: I think that every one agrees that scum lights out has to be one of the best videos made. This video has great quality, great music and a whole bunch of super good riding. It features lot's of Pennsylvania, New england, and Fort Wayne. Excellent riding by riders such as Butcher, Weasel, Magilla, and a crazy ass section by Colin Winkleman. If u have never seen lights out I suggest it, Stu makes the best videos. scum lights out