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Joey Cobbs, Ride BMX US august 2002: The riding in this video is amazing. This issue is definitely a step in the right direction from Shine's first video. The filming is pretty good and the riding is, like said, amazing. There are a lot of different editing techniques that are a bit much at times, and the sound is a bit thin, making it a struggle to hear what is being said. But in the end, this video is worth it to check out some good kids riding their bikes. Keep your eyes peeled for more issues from Shine; they've raised the bar since the last video, and I think it's only going to get better from here and out.
system bmx, www.bmx-test.com: In late June (2002), I heard that Shine 3 was going to be done very soon, but by early July I was very wary of that ever happening. I had previously bought Shine 1 and 2 and was anxiously awaiting getting my copy of Shine 3, and finally by mid June Nate Moroshan told me it finally went to the replicator and was going to be a "week", which I doubted because last time Jamie (Kloos) said that Shine 2 came out two weeks later. Well I was browsing BMXboard and saw that Kerry (Sayre) had posted that Chenga had Shine 3 in, which surprised me because of the fact that Chenga and Shine seemed sort of in the outs of each other because of a little incident I won't mention. I knew I had to get it so I waited until I was in Cleveland one-day street riding, and I saw the Shin crew riding so I bought it.
So I took home my shiny new Shine 3 and popped it in, and because of the wait I thought it wouldn't be too good, but it was as Shine 2 and 1 were when I first saw them. I have heard many people say Shine 3 is just going to be bad because it has contest footage Props already used, but the whole contest section (Chenga, Flow, Central, Section8, T1/FBM contests) was of amazing footage that Props didn't seem to use, and with the amazing effects it was crazily better than Props. I had also heard that Jamie had just mixed in a bunch of dumb riding from his months in the southwestern states, but none of the riding was dumb it was all as crazy as you'd expect riding to be in Shine. I waited for the New York Scene check because I wanted to see Edwin Delarosa and all of the other New York riders in true street action, and it was awesome, the riding was comparable to Edwin's part in the Animal video and many riders were even better than him in the check.
In the past I've heard a lot of bad stuff about Ratboy, but when his section came on he wasn't nearly as bad as people said he was, he was actually really good doing stuff that no one does anymore was kind of shocking to me. Then came the amazing last two sections of unseen riding from UGP Roots 2k2 and La Revolution in Toronto. The riding was of unseen riders actually getting covered and of Mike Aitken doing amazing things in the La Revolution course. I won't tell details so you can be in as much suspense as I was, but if they keep this amazing footage and effects coming I think they will sell as much as Props does and more in the future. The music too was a unique blend of a little punk and kinds of music you wouldn't think would work in a riding video, but trust me it did and it did well.
It ran the usual 40 minutes, and then credits were good as well, so for the 20 dollars most will pay it's definitely a very good deal. I know that this video will be watched over and over as well as the other two Shine's I already have until it plays no more, because of it's amazing editing.

Ratboy section.