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Dig magazine #34: STANDPOINT VIDEO MAGAZINE began as a local New Jersey Video Magazine concept, based loosely around a website called 'Jersey Riding'. The riders behind the videos slowly began immigrating outside of New Jersey, AND the footage continued to pile up. And like that, Standpoint was born. Standpoint is a refreshing video magazine, full of names and face that are often time not too familiar, but the riding is consistently incredible. And that's where I feel Standpoint's beauty lies. They're in the trenches. Whether it's a small local contest in Ohio or a Christmas Vacation trip full of vagabonds, Standpoint has honed the ability to document innovative riding, regardless of names, sponsor and street credibility. Basically, Standpoint VM is the video every sponsor should be watching if they're looking for new unknown talent...
Ryan Navazio, www.ridebmx.com, september 2004: Standpoint started out as Jersey Riding video zine. Basically the Jersey Riding videos were made to compliment the JerseyRiding.com website. Mike Puorro made the first issue, and it was kept very local. At the time I was working on a local video with a bunch of kids from my hometown Ridley, PA (suburb of Philly). I guess Mike liked that video because he asked me to edit the second Jersey Riding video. I was never a part of the Jersey Riding website, but I was friends with everyone involved and I was down to help out. The second issue of Jersey Riding had a lot of footage from different people outside of New Jersey and was really not a local scene video.
Jersey Riding Video Zine Issue 3
Jersey Riding Video Zine Issue 3 VHS Features: Intro/Random, Midwest Roadtip, Christmas Roadtrip, The Flow Comp/Chenga Comp, Toronto Metro Jam, Concorder New Hampshire/Section 8 Locals Section, Chase Hawk bio.

VHS only.
Ryan Navazio, www.ridebmx.com, september 2004: To make a long story short, we made one final issue before changing the name to Standpoint. A lot of work went into the first three videos and we decided that Standpoint should begin at Issue 4.
Standpoint Video Zine issue 4
Edited by: Ryan Navazio.
Filmed by: Mike Puorro, Ryan N and many more.
Time: 45min without bonus section.

Standpoint Video Zine Issue 4 DVD Contents:
Intro/Random, Sean "Fish" Hoskins Bio, Small Brown Bike Soundcheck, FBM Ghetto Street Comp, Van Homan & Leigh Ramsdell House/Spot Check, La Revolution in Rochester NY, George Dossantos Interview
Bonus: Mission Skatepark Jam, "Fish" movie, La Revolution in Binghamton NY, Fall Section, Trailer

Kevin McAvoy, Transworld BMX april 2004: Standpoint is a new video 'zine born out of the ashes of the old Jersey Riding series. Okay, there weren't exactly any ashes; they just changed the name since they've been venturing out of the confines of their home state. The format's pretty standard, with features like contests, interviews, bios, spot checks, etc., so they're not rewriting the rules of the video magazine genre, but the quality is high, so that doesn't really matter much. This issue contains the FBM Ghetto Street Contest (which features some crazy footage), the La Rev in Rochester, New York, a Sean "Fish" Hoskins section, a cool tour of Van Homan's house with some great riding on his ramp, a George Dossantos interview, and a "sound check" with Small Brown Bike, which is laid over some killer trail riding. Bonus features on the DVD include the East Coast Terminal La Rev contest, an alternate edit of the tour of Van's house, a jam at Mission skatepark, a bail section, and a moody Super 8 short on Fish. High-caliber riding and editing make this one worth owning, so make it happen, punk.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: This was the first Standpoint I saw so I can't tell if the quality is been better than before but it is almost impossible to make it better. This DVD is awesome and filled with stuff from the East of the US like the crazy FBM Ghetto comp which was a blast with all those crazy obstacles and even more insane streetriders.

Van Homan and Leigh Ramsdell are doing the House spot check in their own castle, George Dossantos had a great interview and shows how nice he is as a person but also how good he is as a rider!

La Revolution in Rochestor NY is covered and also a band called: "Small Brown Bike". When I saw Sean "fish" Hoskins ride he remembered me as a red haired "Graig Grasso" , oldschool streetmoves and not afraid to die.

Standpoint is a super quality BMX DVD and I'm looking forward to #5 where the "Naked train" will be done by woman......
issue 4

thecomeupbmx.net, december 2007: This is Sean "Fish" Hoskin's epic Standpoint bio. Dude was so far ahead of his time.
Since february 2004 Standpoint is distributed in France through OriginalFlava distribution. Standpoint is available in the US through S&M, Trans AM, and Blackout. Dan's, Albe's, Staff, and Empire also carry it. You can order the videos direct from our website www.Standpointvideozine.com or by calling 856-256-0200.
Ryan Navazio, www.ridebmx.com, september 2004: Mike Puorro and I produce each video, we decide what we would like to see in each issue and do our best to make it happen. We also tape about 95% of the footage ourselves; the rest comes from various contributors/friends that are down to help us out. I do all the editing and art direction for each video. Sean "Whiteboy" Curran does all of our graphic artwork and does an amazing job bringing the basic ideas that I give him to life. Eric Soucy handles all of our sales and is a huge help with promotion as well. Countless other people help us out too.
My main goal is to try to find our niche in the BMX video world. It's really easy to label a BMX video as a "scene video" or a "video magazine". In a lot of ways I feel like we have limited ourselves by being in the video magazine category. From the beginning we have tried to call Standpoint a zine, not a magazine. I don't want people to write Standpoint off as just another BMX video magazine. A lot of work goes into making each issue unique and we try to not follow any specific structure-I hope that is recognized as each issue is released. I hope that Standpoint can continue to grow and support itself while remaining fun for everyone involved.
Ryan Navazio, www.ridebmx.com, september 2004: The first BMX video I worked on was Resist Corrupted Images. Before that I had made a lot of local videos with my friends just for fun, and I did a complete video called All the Glory that had full sections with a lot of unknown kids from my area that was never released. Recently I put together some last minute ads for Little Devil and Orchid, and I guess I'm the guy in charge of getting the Little Devil DVD finished.
Jeff Zielinski, www.ridebmx.com, october 2004: "Who's that, what did he just do, where in the hell is that spot?" That's pretty much all I was thinking the first time I saw the fifth issue of Standpoint video zine. From start to finish my eyes were glued to the screen and I had to continually fight the urge to hit the rewind button. First up is a bio with Lino Gonzalez where he demonstrates every possible way to use four pegs on street. As a matter of fact, only six of his clips don't involve pegs! This is a great follow up to his premier section in Animal's Can I Eat? Following Lino's part is a Riverside/San Bernardino County, California, locals section appropriately called "909 Locals." After a quick laugh from the opener depicting a few of the stereotypical scenes one would come to expect to see in that area (a lot of raised trucks) the great riding picks up again with the likes of George Ramirez, Larry Alvarado, Mike Saavedra, and a host of others. If you want to see unfamiliar faces and places within the Southern California BMX scene, then look no further-these guys seriously shred!
There are two roadtrip sections, Last Call to Arkansas and the Dig trip featuring a slew of unknown riders. Last Call is mostly skatepark footage, while the Dig trip is a good mix of park and street with a tad of dirt thrown in as well. One thing from the Dig trip really worth mentioning is the ridiculous session that goes down on a manly-sized rail in Jackson, Mississippi. The sleeper part was definitely the Rodeo Peanut street section. The Rodeo crew is a few prankster kids from New Jersey who at one point had a little too much time on their hands and a decent list of pro riders' phone numbers. Needless to say, I was pretty amazed when I saw that not only do these guys ride, they're actually good. Just when I thought it wasn't possible to top all of the amazing riding I had already seen, I stood corrected once the Tom White bio started. Tom brings the video to a close with one of the most amazing street sections I've seen in a long time. If a plethora of relatively unknown riders and amazing riding presented in a clean video with good music is what you're into watching, then look no further than Standpoint Five.

fallenclothing03, www.bmx-test.com, november 2004: This is the 5th issue of Standpoint video zine. The first 3 videos were put out under the name Jersey Riding and in issue 4, they took the new name of Standpoint, most likely because it covers a lot more than just NJ. The overall quality of the video has improved from issue to issue and this is no exception.
The video kicks off with a random section, then goes into the Lino Gonzalez bio. It is basically a perfect follow up to his Animal- Can I Eat? Section. Tons of ridiculous tech street tricks, mostly on rails.
Next is the 909 Locals section. Tons of sick riding from a bunch of guys from the San Bernadino area of California, with standouts being Mike Saavedra, Larry Alvaredo, George Ramirez, and Brett Walker. A Lot of good trail footage including the smoothest backflips I've ever seen, and over hips nonetheless.
Next is the Last Call road trip. Its some of the FBM guys and a few others just riding 4 parks. I don't really like park, so I don't like this section. It has some sick stuff, but is definitely the least impressive in the video.
The Rodeo Peanut street section is next. Roman Stephaniew, Alfredo Wilson, Paul Horan, Jared Washington, and Chris Reyes are featured in this part. Jared's footage is, like Linos bio, a perfect next step from his Can I Eat? section. Everybody kills it in this part, but Paul Horan is definitely the standout rider. He is a local in my area (Philadelphia suburbs) so I know exactly what all the spots are like, and he kills every spot he rides in the video.
Next is the Dig/Standpoint road trip. There is too many riders to list in this part, and mostly everyone kills it. The highlights are definitely Darryl Tocco and Chris Larson who pull too many tech tricks to keep count of, and Anthony Cico, who pretty much owns the section and pulls the now infamous bunnyhop tailwhip over a handrail that was featured on the cover of Dig.
Another local from my area, Tom White, has the last part in the video. His bio is pretty short, but there is no filler in the section so the relatively short time isn't an issue. This kid is pretty damn crazy, and basically kills himself, but still comes through with so many good rail tricks and gaps.
There is some bonus footage in the DVD too like outtakes/extra footage, falls, etc. I would absolutely recommend this video to anyone. It has tons of sick riding from mostly riders who either are unknown or just beginning to get exposure. It has perfect amounts of street, park, and trails, and no shortage of new tricks.
The editing absolutely blows Props out of the water and is probably the best editing I have seen in years. The music choices are all perfect. If you are going to buy this video, you have to keep in mind that it is not Props, and you aren't going to see interviews with the top riders in the world. What you will see, however, is a lot of people you probably haven't heard of who can hold their own and may very well up getting a lot more future exposure as a result of what you see in this video.
Overall, the editing is great, the riding is quite impressive as well, and honestly the 909 Locals is probably up there with the Vancouver Metro Jam in Props 50 as the best video section I've seen all year.
I give this video a 9 out of 10.

Amish, www.agoride.com, january 2005:
Distribution: Original Flava
Au programme: Lino Gonzales bio, 909 local scene, Last call road trip, Rodeo peanut street section, Road trip Dig, Tom white bio.
Bonus: Last call contest, Falls, Transitions, Trailer, Outtakes footage,
Best Tricks: Handrail Smith to 180 out, 180 alley oop to backward axle, ice pick to tail tap to footjam le tout sur un sub, 270 opposite to axel to 270 opposite out, whip to ice pick ou encore to fufanu sur un sub, 180 whip sur un volcano, double whip, vertical ice pick stall to fackie sur un wall, 3.6 tail tap sur un volcano to footjam to fackie, ice pick grind et smith grind en montant le rail, et un turndown out en montant le rail (en roulant dessus).
Avis de la rédaction: Amateur de trail et dirt...passez votre chemin, la Standpoint 5 annonce couleur grise, du béton et des handrails, comme prédominante. Et oui car entre Lino et Tom White vous allez être gâtés !!
Lino Gonzales est né avec des pegs, rien ne lui échappe, en feeble, en smith, en crooked, en opposite, en 180 out, a kink, même double kink, en montant toutes les possibilités sont exploitées. Il est impressionnant de facilité. Il partage également la même passion que tout les streeteurs du moment pour les grinds en montant les rails, ce serait exagéré que de dire qu il y en a dans cette vidéo plus de rails en montant qu'en descendant mais c'est tout comme !
Cette Vidéo est un savant mélange de tout en fait assez difficile à expliquer, mélange des styles, mélange de musique de G-unit à Urge overkill en passant par Willie Nelson, mélange des ambiances entre last call plutôt bourrin avec un Bryon Striker élevé au rang de whip-master et la 909 scene plutôt posé et efficace, à l'image de Mike Saavedra flair, 3.6 whip, 720, et qui nous gratifie d'un ciel bleu omniprésent qui met de bonne humeur. Les streeteurs n'ont pas fini de se régaler avec la rodeo peanut street section, sous ce nom plutôt amusant se cache des riders tels que Roman Stephaniew, Paul Horan et Jared Washington et c'est sur un montage et une musique originalement amusants que ces riders montent des rails en smith, ou alors enchaînent les tricks en travelling avec de belles images à la clé.
La standpoint 5 est donc une réussite, tant par sa bande son que par ses images de qualité, on regrettera les nombreuses pubs souvent trop longues.

Lino Gonzales' bio.
Au programme: Paul Horan, Bad Timing Section, Beringer's House, Jesse Williams, Street Mix, Beeler Van Orman, Ted Van Orman.
Bonus: Bone Deth, Animal Banks Jam, Transitions Jam, Shitluck Trip, Welcome to Michigan...

Animal Brooklyn Banks Jam Mix.

Jesse Williams Standpoint 6 bio.