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You Get What You Get...
Taj, www.terribleone.com, November 10, 2004: I've spent the last week... working on the T-1 video preparing it for duplication and helping to finish up the DVD authoring. Michael was also busy dialing in the menus and box art. The biggest headache was making the conversion so that we could produce PAL formats of the video (thats what folks use in the UK and some other places outside of the USA). That was a huge pain trying to get it all right. Anyway, the NTSC version is for sure finalized and being duplicated now. The PAL version should be underway in just a couple days. All this means that T-1 videos should definelty be for sale before Christmas. More on this soon....

Ryan, www.ridebmx.com, may 2005: Terrible One is a company that has always done things its own way, so it's no surprise that the T1 video is as far from the typical BMX flick. With almost a documentary feel, YGWYG takes you around the world, as seen through the eyes of some BMX's most influential and legendary riders. It's almost hard to put down in text, but I can remember during my first viewing that I had a sense of awe and even had chills overtake me. YGWYG makes me wish I was going on a worldwide trip of my own... and even if I'm not going anywhere, it still gets me psyched on riding. Leave all your expectations at the proverbial door and, as per the instructions, sit down with a cup of coffee, turn the volume up, and enjoy.

fallenclothing03, www.bmx-test.com, december 2004: "You Get What You Get" is the first video from Terrible One. I've been waiting to see a video from these guys forever and finally they put one out, and I got my copy from Empire immediately. I don't know if the name means anything specificly, but it makes me wonder. They never really seemed to give any indication on their website and through any descriptions in mailorder companies that this was anything other than a typical riding video. To be honest, I think this is gonna be a hard video for anyone to review, but Ill give it a shot.
I saw a video from some local kids in north east Pennsylvania that had 3 sections and tons of random footage that only seemed to make sense to the people who were in it and I thought it might be a good way for someone to make a video with their friends as the target audience, but it didn't hold my attention as a normal riding video would. At the time I thought it was a weird format and I couldn't grasp it too well. Fast foward a month or two, and I'm watching the T1 video and I have the same impression.
Riding only makes up about half of the footage in this video. The rest is just of stuff they experienced on their world tour. The riding is all really good, and it all is replayed in slow motion for no reason. If I were naming this video, it would be "Armpit Airs Around the Globe" because thats basically what most of the riding is. There is a lot of weird obstacles and unique skateparks that make the video really one of a kind in terms of the spots.
There are only two typical sections in the video, and those belong to Shawn "Elf" Walters and Scott Malyon. Both are very short, and both riders still appear in the video in other riding segments. Elf, in my opinion, is the standout rider in this video. I'm not going to give any specifics away, but he is a far better rider than I would have ever imagined from his previous sections, and he does one of the most impressive gap to rail tricks to date. All of the other riders do good stuff as well.
The non-riding footage is interesting to watch, but with 50 minutes of riding and non-riding footage mixed together, I cannot say this is a video I will watch often. One of my favorite aspects of this video is that it finally shows the T1 guys actually having fun and joking around instead of babbling about art gallerys and being vegan. Taj really wasn't in this video except a few clips here and there, didn't go on the world tour, and didn't edit it, so that may have something to do with it. Etnies and Road Fools 6 made Ruben seem so serious, so I would have never guessed he was as funny as he is in this video. It is worth getting just for some of the things he said.
Like I said, I don't think anybody can give this a typical review because it is not a typical video. It didn't hold my attention too well, but it definitely grew on me the more I watched it. My initial reaction was to give it around a 5 out of 10, but for putting out a video that doesn't stick to the typical format and still has a lot of interesting non-riding footage my overall opinion went up quite a bit. It still should have had a lot more riding footage, but its a quality video in many other ways.
I'll break down how I personally saw the different aspects of the video, but how you take it in as a whole will determine your overall impression of it.
t1 you get what you get